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Wellis Drain Plug stuck

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Recently purchased a Wellis tub and went to drain and replace the water today. The drain plug is one where you are supposed to push it in, pull it all the wat out and then attach a hose. Ours is completely stuck. Will not move at all. 

Anyone got any ideas at all?

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I had the same issue with my Wellis (Bueno Spa) when I purchased it in March.  It was impossible to open it just using with the cap they have on the end of the drain.  I connected a 4" long pressure reducer I had laying around from my lawn irrigation equipment, which gave me enough leverage to pop it open.  You can probably just connect a normal garden hose to give you the proper leverage to pop it loose.  Here's the actual pressure reducer I used to get it open the first time.


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@deadmeatdab I always tell my customers not to use the drain. Weakest part of any hot tub. Buy a Quick Drain. You can use it to drain the spa but also as a vacuum to pick up small debris in the foot well and on the seats without loosing a bunch of water. 



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