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Can’t get the airlock out!

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Hey all,

I’ve got an older hot tub at my house and I drained it and am refilling it. Never had this issue the past 2 times I’ve drained and filled, but now -

the circulation pump isn’t pushing water out when it’s on, it just spins with whatever water is in it. When I turn it off, then it sends water through it. But when I turn it back on, it’s as if it sucks all the water back out of the discharge lines and leaves them dry.

I’ve taken the coupling off past the discharge side when it’s running and I can see the water spinning at the pump. I’ve tried to pour water down into the pump from the discharge side when it’s on but it seems to just accept the water and send it back behind the pump because when I put water in like that, it fills that little storage tank type thing on the side where the water feeds from. 

I’ve loosened the coupling on the suction side. Gotten the air out, nothing. 
I’ve loosened the bleeder valve on the pump, got the air out, still doesn’t work. 

I’m out of idea’s, I don’t know what else I can do to get the water pumping through the circulation pump.

This may be a stupid thought but the start capacitor got disconnected when I was messing around and I plugged it back in on the top two sections… is it possible I reversed the wires and the pump is spinning in reverse? Because that’s how the pump is currently acting.




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2 hours ago, RDspaguy said:

The capacitor cannot reverse rotation on a single phase pump, or any pump for that matter. And a pump running in reverse still pushes water, just not much.

Post pics so we know what you've got.

It was the capacitor. I flipped the connections around and it instantly worked. Unless me stopping the motor for a couple minutes to do that somehow got the airlock out. But that’d be quite the coincidence because I was trying for 3 days.

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