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Hey Everyone,

   I'm looking to replace some/all of the spa jets in my tub. They are stamped with LVJ which are extremely hard to find.

The Jets I have are 90mm (3.5") across the face and 100mm deep, screw in type (photos attached for reference).

Does anyone know where I can find replacement Jets (that ships to Australia), or know of another brand that might fit and be easier to source.





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13 hours ago, CanadianSpaTech said:

Try and find just the clear back piece. Would be a lot cheaper. 

This company sells an LVJ waterfall so it is likely they can order in other LVJ parts and located in Aussie: https://www.spatex.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=lvj


Thanks mate, I've sent them a message but will be a few days before I hear back due to public holidays.


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27 minutes ago, AndyO said:

No dice...in their own words, they don't have a source for LVJ.

Have sent a message to these guys to see if they ship to Australia https://www.tubs.fr/en/index.php


And they just got straight back to me and said they don't ship to Australia.

Might have to get it shipped to my relatives in the UK and get them to send it on to me.


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20 hours ago, CanadianSpaTech said:

Was worth a try.... I think I would be looking at the Waterway Jet inserts. 

Waterway Jet Inserts | SpaDepot.com


Yeah cool, I might get one to try and see. Might need a bit of teflon tape around the thread, but probably fit.

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