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older Jacuzzi J-345 circuit board blown

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Good day All, the other night i heard a pop from inside the tub and it blew both breakers, found a significant scorch mark on the "heater out module" and blew the pins out on the back of the board.  

I am in Canada and draining the tub as i write this for fear of freeze up, I have a 2004 Jacuzzi J-345 and the board is a 6600-087 but the new version would be a 6600-728 according to jacuzzi tech in California.  Would anyone know where i could get a reasonably cheap board as I'm see them at $500 - $ 700 which is way out of my budget,  in the 17 years i have blown a circ pump and now this , so not too bad and very fortunate.

Appreciate any help you all could suggest. 

Thanks, Fred


J-345 old circuit board.jpg

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Bring it to an electronics/ computer repair shop for a new relay and terminal. Much less than a new board, and probably will do it while you wait.

Draining it will not prevent freeze damage. Get a space heater under there, and just disconnect the heater wires so it can circulate water.

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