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So both motors back in the Hot Tub.  Motor 2, runs like a champ on both speeds.   Motor 1,  humms.  [insert swear word here]

But i won't be dissuaded,  i know motor 1 works I had it working on the bench but I had to give it a twist to get it going.   So...  when i have light tomorrow it's gotta be something with the start capacitor I just assumed it was "ok" as I can't effectively test it.  So either it's bad, or i was a dumb ass and there is a wire not connected to it.

I'm kinda hoping for dumb ass, but start capacitor is an easy change so not too worried.   The only thing that sucks is that this control board does support a seperate circulation pump, but it is configured such that pump 1 is the circulation pump.  So no circulation, the heat isn't gonna do anything so I think the heater works but won't know for sure until i have flow from pump 1.

any hoo this will work, it is a quest to make the Hot Tub work now :P

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