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  1. lol. i mean it was really hard to take this motor out, hire a professional ! so i wired it to low, don't wire it to the high it won't quite run right and try to draw to much amps. (i tried it for a brief sec) i think high needs both phases where as low just draws on one leg i.e. 110. i might be completely wrong as i didn't google that lol. but it makes sense in my head anyway. I thought that myself, the 240vac might be what it needs, i guess it doesn't hurt anything to try that but i'll have to wait until tomorrow when it's light out. I watched a youtube though where a guy did this and the motor started right up so I'm thinking it's most likely the capacitor, but. but. it is both motors doing this. The first motor actually started up the first time without help, but refused to do so any attempt there after. so the voltage thing might be it. dunno. stay tuned on that i'll try it. It would be nice if I could just test theses but while my harbor freight multimeter has a capacitor setting but it is a retarded you gotta plug the capacitor in and it won't go up very high anyway. so a 2 prong capacitor you can plug in but normal bigger capacitors like on a motor it's no good for.
  2. so i know this is kinda the thread that keeps going but i am on a mission to do this myself. so i took the advice and wired up a cord so i could run the motor on 110v. so I think the start capacitor's on both motors are probably shot. The motor doesn't rotate super easily but not hard at all by hand. but this is what goes on. off to find my multimeter and see if i can discern if the capacitor's are bad.... 20200924_174939.mp4
  3. this: https://www.poolzoom.com/slinger.html the impeller piece says 2HP in the center so figure I just get the same, even though the one motor is 3HP. Once again thx for the help on this. I think I'm gonna live dangerously and not mess with the bearings right now. Honestly it wasn't that hard to take these motors out and apart so if I have to deal with that down the road I will. The only real difficult part was the one impeller took significant force to spin off. (thank you oil filter wrench)
  4. only thing with running the motor is i don't have a 220 line out in my workshop. I'm still looking at prices but seems like this: https://www.poolzoom.com/3-hp-impeller.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw-5v7BRAmEiwAJ3DpuLnfNJ9rzD5X3oZaTOiShNUTTlHfAm3A8OBmkYSod5NVHKdkqyTcYRoCAxYQAvD_BwE is a pretty reasonable deal, can get the impeller and other bits i need for roughly $38 per motor. do i need more then the seal assembly, impeller piece and some silicon sealent? (I through the slinger piece in there as well as they are pretty cheap, but i do have those from the old impellers). i'll go watch a youtube or two on this part. anyhoo thx again everyone.
  5. so my plan right now is to deal with the rust on the motor shafts, I have 3-1 oil on the shafts right now and tomorrow gonna work on getting the rust off the shafts of the motors first with a brass brush but i have some sand paper i use for knives that should work well as well. Get the right parts and put it all back together. Thankfully I believe the bearings of the motors are fine, they spin very easily. The one stator does have a bit of rust on the stator part but not sure if I should deal with that or just leave well enough alone there. Anyhoo, i'm pretty hard core diy on just about everything around the house but this is my first tearing a spa motor apart thx for help! (oh don't mind the messy work bench, i had tried the strap wrench first and that just wouldn't turn it, I used these: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-Oil-Filter-Wrench-63-5mm-116mm-Model-1208/55524395 to turn the impeller off and they work super well for that.
  6. so the impeller, i got them off using a very large oil filter wrench with the stator held in a bench vice wrapped in carpet to protect it. the first one above was *really* stuck and took a lot of persuading to get to turn. The impellers are the same for both. pics of impeller. The shaft had swelled because of rust on the motor shaft I bet so it cracked and jammed it all up. Pic of wet end with part # as well.
  7. I'm in central PA. I saw your post after i already got things apart. I had to use a rather large oil filter wrench to get the one impeller off it was *really* on there. Both impeller are the same even though they are different motors. Looks like the shaft part got swelled up because of rust on the shaft of the motor and broke, jamming the whole thing up. 2 pics of each motor first first 2 are motor 1, second 2 are motor 2...
  8. just an update as this is on going. So got both motors disconnected and out of the hot tub. First pump the motor I think is fine it spins freely, but the impeller part in the plastic pump portion is stuck. I suspect this is true for both of them. Didn't have time tonight to get the impeller off, but i figured this out because took the through bolts out and then I could easily and freely rotate the plastic impeller which is seized on the shaft of the motor. Anyhoo next up is tapping this thing apart and then putting the stator in my vice grip and using an oil wrench hope to spin the impeller off the shaft. I haven't done my research yet but can you buy/replace the guts of the impeller that's seized?
  9. thx guys! I did get a big pair of pliers on the motor shaft between the wet part and the motor and turned it ever so slightly and did that for about 5 minutes, still humms no spin but I'm not sure how much I'm actually turning it as it feels like I am but.,, The other motor I got the plastic cap off there is no nut for a wrench but there is a slot for a screwdriver to turn the motor. I torqued on it pretty hard and didn't budge that motor. This is becoming a quest now.... I might end up taking both motors out just so I can really get at them. Not really liking replacing each one at over $300 each. But we'll see. Just how frozen do these motors get if they sit for a while, cause they seem to be pretty frozen.
  10. So I got a hot tub from someone who was getting rid of it. It worked at the time and was properly winterized by the folks they used to service it. I moved it to it's new location, and then it sat for a little over 2 years :( Life events prevented me from getting the wiring done until recently. I have it wired up I have put a voltmeter on the terminal block and have the correct voltage. I have 2 motors both humm but don't kick over and start rotating. The blower works. I did bleed the lines just in case there was an airlock in play. My question is I think I just need to rotate the motors to get them freed up so they will spin once the capacitor hits them to go. So the one motor I have to move the blower just get access to the back of it where cover is. THe other is a 3hp Century and I got the cap offoff and under that I have this: https://picclick.com/AO-Smith-Motor-Century-30-Horsepower-230v-2-Speed-184312138494.html#&gid=1&pid=5 I'm just asking before I tear down further I think I need to just undo that slotted bolt on the right side between the copper V that is formed (and recessed) and that V comes off ? I'm asking because they way this is mounted I can't really get at easily and I really don't want to disconnect the entire motor from the tub to do this if I don't have to. I only saw this image because I used my phone to reach back in there and take a pic. I just linked this stock image up because it's identical to what I see and the same motor. Any thoughts? Thx.
  11. a couple of questions to those that have moved a hot tub from one house to another. First off. I think I have to transport this (about 30-40 minute drive) on it's side as it's to wide to lay flat on any utility trailer I can get access too. The local pool place seems to think that is fine as they typically transport the tubs they sell that way. Should you try and transport motor down so it's not as top heavy? (I'd assume). Just wondering if anyone here has thoughts on that. Second question is. I"m debating whether I should rent a 6x12 utlity trailer from U-Haul, as that seems like it's more then up for the job. Or I have one of those 5x8 carry on utility trailers, I put down wood decking over that crappy mesh floor. The carry on trailer is a 2000lb GVWR trailer, my payload though is probably 1500lbs. So capacity wise I think I'm fine, (hot tub is 850ish) it's just that I have to go over a pretty big hill (Appalachian mountain) that is a bit twisty in spots. I was just worried that since the carry on is a light trailer to begin with and I'm transporting a tub on it's side if that's asking for big trouble. i.e. roll over.
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