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Tempurature display is wrong


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I have an old Solana TX 2 person HT that has a problem with temperature display. If it read 82 degrees the tub will be 102 degrees. Not a big deal but I've had guests that have set the display to a 102 degrees but it gets much much hotter so there are some safety concerns. What would be the problem?  (I guess I could just put tape over the display but would prefer a real fix)

HOT TUB1.jpg


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I'm no professional but I wonder if it could be a failed temp sensor. If you have a multimeter you can test the resistance of the temperature sensors to see if they are reading accurately or not (which I bet they are not).

Here is a chart for Watkins temperature sensors you can use to match up numbers

Watkins Thermistor Hot Spot & Solana | www.poolandspacentre.co.uk


Temp sensor failures are common, and easy/cheap enough to test and replace.   I had a temp sensor fail on my 2019 Hotspring last year (which was covered under warranty) - in my case the tub went into protect mode allowing the circ pump to run, but not the heater. 

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