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Hey, I've got a Pacific Spas tub that is having some issues.  When I turn the tub on, it purges for the 30 seconds, then the top side display reads 0 for a couple seconds, then throws an HL error flashing.  I'm not sure what the issue is, but I've found that the temperature sensor is shot(open) and also the heater is open. 


My question is, would it be worth it to try and replace(if I can find parts) the heater and sensor or would it be more sensible to replace the whole pack/controls.  As I'm not sure if there is anything else wrong with the pack.  Also, will any temp sensor work if I tried to replace it?

Any help appreciated, Thanks!

not sure why they're sideways.. 😕


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12 hours ago, Mrod85 said:

temperature sensor is shot(open) 

Since these sensors have readings in the tens of thousands of ohms, they will read open if using a cheap tester or in the wrong setting. I recommend to always replace sensors in pairs rather than one at a time.

12 hours ago, Mrod85 said:

will any temp sensor work if I tried to replace it?

No. You will need that brand.

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