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I got an Atera 2006 spa with a Correct-Tech Mini Max Digital spa pack. 3 pumps. Filter/Heating is done on low speed on Pump #1. My heater corroded and my topside control is no longer turning the pumps on/off. I figured it probably best to just replace the whole spa pack with a better one that does wifi etc.

So, I am looking at the gecko or balboa systems. What worries me is the brochure for the spa says it has a 4.3KW low flow heater. The balboa and gecko require 20 gpm to work. What is considered low flow? The heater looks like a standard heater with 2" plumbing. 


Would the m7 or the YE-5 work in my case?





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Thanks for the link and page info! I dont see my exact top side but I could probably make one of those work. I woudl assume that since when the spa turns on (flip the breaker on), the pumps all kick on...so the relays on the board are probably fine...and it would be the button on the topside that are bad. I can sometimes hit them 4-10 times and the pumps will kick on.


As for the heater, i assume you are suggesting to just replace the heater element. Hmm...that could save me some money for sure depending on topside cost. 

I am in Arizona USA.

I took a closer look at the heater, and its a I-204 4KW by Correct Tech.

I was looking at replacing the whole spa pack so I could have better scheduling, I can only run the spa during certain hours when energy is cheaper etc. 



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