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Newbie needs help with purchase

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I am interesting in purchasing a new spa. I am used to being able to comparison shop for price, this seems difficult with spas. Below are the quotes for "floor models". Prices include everything, with a removal of an old hot tub. I asked for quotes with 0% financing, 10% down. I am guessing that may jack the price up a bit.

Marino or Vanto would be:  $7333, $110 a month with 10% down
Now, I have 3 Marino's left:
  • Sterling White Marble shell / Espresso Skirt
  • Sterling White Marble shell / Grey skirt
  • Midnight Canyon shell / Teak skirt
Vanto's left as of now:
  • Sterling White Marble Shell / Espresso Skirt
  • Tuscan Sun Shell / Espresso Skirt
  • Tuscan Sun Shell / Teak Skirt
I also have several Beams left over that include a free salt system ($8600+tax) However, the electrical would probably be different.  ($141 a month with 10% down)
If you are looking for something even bigger, you could look at the Palatino which is $1200 more than the Marino (two in stock at Midnight/Espresso and Tuscan/Teak) . ($129.38 a month with 10% down)
Or if you like the idea of the circulation pump, that Beam has one, but so does the Salina, and the Salina is pretty big.  My last one is $10,800+tax so with 10% down it would be $177 a month

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You need to sit in these spas dry to get a feel for  the comfort.  Your all over the place in terms of size, layout and price.  All the prices you listed are within reason.  

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