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Help! Green cloudy water and green powder along sides?

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Everything's been going fine with my spa after a long period of learning. Fine up until today. I went out of town for 2 days and made sure to get the levels up enough to account for that. I come back to this. A bluish green powdery substance ring around the tub. And cloudy af water.. What the heck is this???? Anyone know what it could be? It was completely fine just 2 days ago. It also has a weird smell i cant quite place... On saturday I went to the store and broke down in my car.. I had left the spa open because I had just put some bleach in. I wasnt able to get home for 7 hours so the spa was open that entire time. Is it algae? Is it copper from metal deterioration? 




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I'm afraid I'm not good at identifying nasties, but its not clear to me from your description what exactly happened-- did this stuff appear after 2 days unattended or 7 hours after adding bleach and leaving the spa uncovered?    do you remember  how much bleach you put in , and what your chemistry numbers were just prior to this issue?  is the spa, including the heater, still operational?  leaving the spa uncovered (in the sun) would decay the chlorine level faster and the spa would be vulnerable to whatever could enter the water during your absence.

my first instinct after seeing this would be to drain, rinse, and then purge.  restore water balance and sanitation if the spa is operational.  if the result in your photo is due to copper, then I doubt the heater still works at all!


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