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  1. total dissolved solids will accumulate, i.e. all the byproducts of sanitation that don't end up in the air. you could just drain really often. sounds to me like you have a skin sensitivity that is fairly rare among spa users, so you'll have to take extraordinary measures. have you tried bromine?
  2. Cass -- you made a very interesting observation -- that the problem gets worse over time, and that you can go four weeks now instead of two. that tells me you have achieved partial success. But to me it sounds like your skin is sensitive to the accumulation of something in the spa water -- for example maybe its just the total dissolved solids. The only way to fix that is to drain more often. There is also the accumulated CYA itself. have you tried bromine (you could run a bromine spa with zero CYA, although I don't know of anyone who has tried this...). how about a silver cartridge
  3. I believe it was chem geek who could show that bromine was not buffered by CYA. To me its a don't care. i operate my bromine spa exactly like a chlorine spa including the "switch to bleach" at 30 ish ppm CYA just to be on the safe side
  4. +1 dude! I quit digging into the chemical engineering thing too...and just stick with what i observe. If pH is high i add acid lol
  5. Yes pH rise is a thing, for sure. Every spa is different but for me...i let TA fall to the 50 ish range
  6. The level of hybobromous acid generated by ozone from bromide is so low that most dont even know that it happens. Even under no load, ozone will just barely "keep up" with natural sanitizer decay in a clean spa. Mine won't go above 1ppm. If left alone, 30ppm will naturally decay asymptotically over a few days (meaning it gets close but won't get to zero). Its a great vacation plan! Yes sodium hypo is net pH positive.
  7. i have found no practical impact of ozone on the bromide bank when treating per label dirs. I treat once at first fill and voila "set and forget " -- just sayin...ozone eating bromide salts is a red herring non problem nothingburger! In fact, ozone in a bromine spa is a beautiful thing. Highly recommended! With a clean spa (no biofilms) and a modern corona discharge ozone genny, ive been able to maintain a fraction of a ppm bromine for days (no load of course) cause the ozone is able to oxidize bromide into the good stuff: sanitizing hybobromous acid
  8. I can smell the difference..im trying to think of ways you could discern what's really going on
  9. Im afraid i can't answer on the strips....i don't trust em sorry i haven't used them
  10. What is your test method? If dpd drop wise (e.g.taylor) -- in this case it probably means low sanitizer level cause the bromine test will respond to the presence of chlorine
  11. 2.2 times the recommended FC levels 🙂 the industry is finally waking up to the fact that biofilms can form in 3ppm FC, so there are folks over at TFP recommending 4-5 free CHLORINE, which would be 11 ppm total bromine. I routinely run mine at 9-10
  12. Have you done an ahh-some purge? if so, or you plan to, then 30ppm of Bromine is quite sufficient; the interesting challenge with a bromine spa is that you can't just add hydrogen peroxide to lower the chlorine level (thats pretty cool in case you've been in that situation). so if you dose to 30ppm and you have to wait for it to fall down to 10 or so before you get it. at 20% decay rate that amounts to five days. and if you find that your bromine level falls quicker than that, you might still have some bad guys chewing up your bromine! folks with floaters usually cover up this
  13. oh, with jets on its virtually instantaneous. seconds. depends on the circulation and pump system in your spa-- I experimented and found that by the time I put the bleach jug down and took a water sample, the reading was accurate.
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