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Newbie: Jacuzzi J315. Are pillows removable for purge? Anything else?

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Just received delivery of my Jacuzzi J315 and waiting for electrical hook up. I have been doing my reading and so far here are my plans once I fill it. 

1. Purge with Ahh-some as directed, drain. 

2. Purchase K2006 test kit for testing

3. Balance and sanitize water (Calcium>TA>Ph>chlorine)


Two questions:

1. Am I missing anything I should be doing?

2. All I read says to remove the pillows for any purge but this model has the 'Hydrosooth Pillows' which do not look to be removable by myself. Is this an issue?



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Sorry for the late  opinion but JMO,I'm no expert here as some  here by any means but I would look at the 2006-C kit. It has 2 oz agents instead of 3/4 oz. I'v been testing mine quite a bit and run through certain reagents rather quick. I also would look at the Taylor stirrer. Around $45 or so on Amazon. It will aslo fit in the 2 oz kit. Makes it easier for me testing TA and CH since im not trying to add drops with one hand and swirel with the other at the same time. For whats its worth, when i test for FC i never used the stirrer for that until last week. It just hit me why not as i always had a few bits of powder that took some time to disolve.

Have no idea on the pillows for that model but keep mine pulled and only put one or two in when I need them. i wipe the tub rail down when I'm de using it and they arent in the way then.

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