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Overheat, Not Shutting Off- Dream Maker Balboa Mach 7 Control Pack

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What I have: Dream Maker Spa with Balboa Mach-7 control pack Part Number 53942-01 (110v outlet plug- heated by friction system)- purchased used last winter, and has been great until now...

PROBLEM: It heats as normal but motor fails to turn off after reaching set temperature...then continues running even with "OH" (over heat) warning flashing on upper control. While its doing this I have no control over light or temperature change settings. Only way to stop it is by unplugging it from the wall.

If I plug the unit back in, it is set at 100F as default and won't kick on if water is still above 100F (like normal). If set it above current water temp (for example max it out at 104F), it kicks on, reaches 104, but wont turn itself off and keeps running/heating water more and giving "OH" code.

The control seem to work OK because it displays the proper temp, you can adjust temperature after re-plugging it in like normal. You can turn light on/off when its not in "OH" mode. You can turn the jets on and off when not in "OH" mode.

I checked the circuit board and nothing looks unplugged or burnt.

The heat sensors are covered in spray foam so I haven't pulled those.

My novice opinion of problem:

1) Bad heat sensors (~$50 fix)

2) Bad motor relay on circuit board (~$? I couldn't solder in a new one)

3) Bad circuit board (circuit board ~$270 fix) (Entire new Mach-7 box is ~$420)

4) Other ?

Thanks for the help...I'm new on here, and I tried searching for an answer before posting.

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