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  1. Lol that’s what I said when I got it. But again, it was a ZERO dollar project so.. I snagged it. I would never have paid what they paid. After repairing and using over the year or so, Turns out, my family loves it. Particularly during soccer season, when I’m coaching everyday in the cold. Come home, and warm up the old bones. these things are cheap. It seems Made for people to use for awhile and dump. But as long as they finance them long enough to Pay them off, right? *insert witty comment about America Economics* ha! update. I took apart the board and cleaned
  2. Filter mode change doesn’t affect it. It’s at 105 and still running. has 3 possible settings. 00,30,60 no change with any setting. Has to be a relay..switch or the board itself not switching pump off when it hits temp?
  3. No I did not. I didn’t change it before either. It’s been the same. All I did is turn the temp down last week. I will do that next. We’ve been running this thing for over a year with no issues.
  4. “Mach 7” on the box. Photos added
  5. Ok not filter. set it at 102, it’s run itself up to 105 and not stopping. stuck relay rings a bell for me. Will look at the circuit board tomorrow.
  6. new filter end of summer. Just went out and checked that earlier.. It looks pretty Gummed up.(it was worse when we got it though) trying that suggestion to run without, thanks! I’ll Report back.
  7. The place I ordered (I forget) told me exactly where to measure. I think it was an inch inside from the beginning of the corner curve.
  8. Have a 2007 simple 115v spa I rescued from a family member. They bought it new. It was leaking and ruining their patio. So I got it for zero. A weekend digging out insulation and $10 jet fixed that. At least until the crack by the light(thin plastic) fixed for the moment. last week, I turned it way down for the recent cold temps. Went to to turn it back up yesterday and noticed it was running, but with an OH. Overheat fault. Controls (4buttoms) unresponsive. unplugged for an hour. And restarted. The next morning it said 97(default) and turned on. So I turned it up. Came
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