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  1. Sundance hot tub heater always on

    The OH tells you that the hi limit sensor is working properly. Are you going by the control panel temperature readout or by an independent thermometer? If it doesn't shut off at 104, either it doesn't know it's over 104 (indicating a bad temp sensor), or it can't shut off (indicating a problem with the circuit board). Dave
  2. sn code

    Do both sensors have the exact same resistance, or is one at the top of the allowable range and one at the low end? Is the SN message flashing intermittently with the temperature, or is it just blinking on and off. If alternating with the temp, the spa isn't sure it's a sensor error. If just blinking on and off, the error condition is verified. SN usually means the sensors are out of sync - they are giving different temperature readings to the circuit board. Balboa allows up to a 2 degree variance in temperature between the sensors, than assumes the tub is heating unevenly and shuts down the tub to prevent damaging it. Look at where the sensors are attached to the circuit board. Do you see any corrosion? Look for a white residue in the tiny plug or jack. Even if the sensors have the correct resistance, corrosion will affect the circuit board from being able to read it. I would remove your filters and see if the problem goes away. That's not a typical error message for a low flow situation, but it's quick easy and free to test. It's possible the circuit board has a problem and isn't reading the sensors properly, but it will cost you far less to test the problem and replace the sensors than the circuit board. And the problem is almost always the sensors. Dave
  3. Older hot tub cutting off

    What kind of hot tub is it? Any message codes on the LED/LCD display? Dave
  4. Jacuzzi J-365 FL1 error

    The circ pump turns on automatically when power is supplied to the Jacuzzi. There's no on/off switch. Pumps 1 & 2 are completely independent of the circ pump, if you saw water moving through the flow switch, it may have been from back pressure in the lines, but I've never seen that on all the Jacuzzi's I've worked on. CAREFULLY reach inside the tub when turned on and put your hand on the circ pump. You would feel a slight vibration if it's operating. Water moving with F1 error indicates a flow switch problem. Water not moving with F1 error indicates a circ pump problem. Dave
  5. Advice please - Silicon VS Gasket?

    The gasket is to prevent water from getting behind the jet and leaking through the tub into the inside of the cabinet. The silicon is to prevent the mounting hardware from vibrating lose, and it does provide some water-tight protection, however not as much as the gasket. There's probably a torquing guide somewhere out there, but I would say tighten until the gasket begins to lose it's shape and squeeze out around the edge of the jet. In other words, go as tight as you can but make sure the gasket lines up with the jet edges perfectly. Dave
  6. Jacuzzi vs caldera

    The Dealer location is a major concern. When you call for service you're going to find out that the dealer only comes to Birmingham once a month, and then his tech will miss the appointment because his local customers need help. That, plus they'll hit you for travel charges. I'd make sure I got a firm idea of what kind of response time you can expect from a dealer almost 200 miles away. I'd do a google search on hot tub repair in your area to see if there are any options. It may not help with warranty, but once the warranty runs out and you're on your own, it would be nice to have a local company that can help you out. Dave
  7. Does this sound like the pump is dead?

    The "Humm......" the sound of a seized motor. Dave
  8. Jacuzzi J-365 FL1 error

    The Jets pumps will not close the paddle switch. My guess is the circulation pump is the not working. You should definitely see the paddle switch close when water is flowing. The circ pump is a miniature pump usually mounted behind the control pack. Do you feel it vibrating, or do you see the water moving in the flow switch housing? Although anything is conceivable, I've never seen a paddle switch "stuck." Maybe the previous owner mounted it in the wrong orientation? Every Jacuzzi I ever worked on had the circ pump to the left of the flow switch, so the paddle would be on the left and the stationary post on the right. Dave
  9. Sundance hot tub heater always on

    If you don't turn the hot tub off, does it shut off automatically when it goes over about 120 degrees? That's when the hi-limit sensor should shut it down. If so, you're heater relay is probably not opening when the temp sensor tells it to, indicating a logic problem on the circuit board. Are you checking the temperature with a thermometer, or depending upon the control panel to tell you the temperature? If so, the temp sensor may be bad and the tub may not be as hot as you think. Dave
  10. Sundance sweetwater palmero

    F1 usually means the circuit board things the flow switch isn't closing. Could be due to a bad circulation pump, a bad flow switch, or bad contact where the flow switch goes into the circuit board. You've got that black plastic connector with 3 or 4 sensors in it going into the top of circuit board? It's easy to pull a wire out of that connector while you installed your new circuit board. Dave
  11. Burst Pipe due Freezing

    I can't see any cracks in your photo, so I'm going on what Danthespaman316 says about the issue being a 2" pipe. But my answer wouldn't change drastically, regardless of the size of the pipe that's cracked. On average, when a customer tells us he has "one broken pipe from a freeze up," we find 10-15 hours worth of plumbing repair work, assuming the pipes are accessible. After you fix the big pipe at the bottom, you'll start filling up the spa and find leaks in another area. You'll fix them and find some more. This typically happens for three or four cycles. The water in that one pipe didn't freeze, leaving the rest of the water in the tub liquid - generally the tub freezes all around. The one hopeful sign is that it's a big pipe that froze, so if you lost a lot of water very quickly, it may have drained much of the tub before the manifolds were affected. Unfortunately, your hot tub has a lot of insulation, which is going to make leaks harder to find. Dave
  12. Sundance sweetwater palmero

    Silly question, but is the heater connected properly? If the heater is connected but the spa is not calling for heat, does the breaker trip? Or does it trip only when the heater relay closes? If disconnecting the heater allows the spa to run, and the breaker trips with the heater connected, it certainly sounds like a heater issue. Maybe they sent you a bad heater? Is there a bonding wire, and have you connected it properly?
  13. Filter cycles + loss of heat?

    In standard mode, the spa will run as needed to maintain water temperature, regardless of the filter setting. The filtering cycle is really independent of the heating cycle. If the temp sensors call for heat during the filtering cycle, it'll come on. But the filtering alone doesn't dictate when it heats. In economy mode, the spa will only heat during the filtering cycle, so putting the spa in economy would affect how quickly the tub loses heat. Just a note - pumps generate friction, which will heat the water. In New Jersey, I find that a tub without a working heater can reach 90 - 95 degrees during the summer from a combination of pump friction and environmental conditions. Customers will call up and say "My heater will only get the hot tub to 92 degrees," which tells me the heating element isn't coming on, even though the customer thinks it's somehow out of adjustment. Dave
  14. 2 speed pump

    If your spa only has jet pumps and no circ pump, 24 hour filtering will involve a little effort on your part. You could try disconnecting the heater to "fool" the spa into running to try to heat the water. Or, you could go outside every 20 minutes and press the JETS button. Or you can drain the water and put in fresh water. Dave
  15. Balboa Heater Element Bulkhead O-Ring Question

    Element corrosion is usually due to water quality. Using Chlorine (or salt generators) will corrode the elements more quickly than non-chlorine disinfection. I had one fail after only one month in a salt generator this season. I've heard that Balboa privately admits the copper attachment bands cause premature failure, but that's more frequently circuit board burn-ups than element corrosion. I've installed 3 new Balboa packs this August and they are still coming from the factory with the copper attachment bands. Dave