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  1. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Pump click sound. Wont start

    RED AC is for a 230Volt pump. WHITE AC is for a 115 VAC pump. Good catch. Dave
  2. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Pump click sound. Wont start

    With a voltmeter, test the output of the circuit board at the pump receptacle to see if it is sending the proper voltage to your pump. If it is, the problem is likely the pump. If you're not seeing the proper voltage from the board, then the problem is probably in the board. You know, you can't replace a circuit board by the silk screened part number on it. You need to go by the chip number, which is usually a small white label stuck onto a computer chip on the board. A motor that turns on for 10 seconds and then shuts down is a sign of the thermal overload in the motor shutting it off. Is the motor exterior too hot to touch? It shouldn't be. If the DR code follows the pump not turning on, it's a sign the pump isn't working. DR is generally caused by a flow problem. Dave
  3. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    heating element replacement

    An aging hot tub is definitely a money pit. Then again, so is a car, or a house. But if you like having a hot tub, then it's probably worth it. There are different types of heaters out there. Sometimes you just replace a heating element, sometimes you need to replace a complete contained assembly. I'm not sure what a Baqua hot tub uses, I don't think I've ever seen that brand before. Replacing a heater isn't that difficult, but there's a lot of voltage and amperage mixing with water in those things, so you better be careful. If the old one is corroded badly, it may be difficult to remove. My recommendation would be to hire a professional, but then again, I'm a professional so my opinion is definitely biased. Make sure your tub has a tested, working GFCI. At least that way, if you make a mistake, you probably won't kill your family. Dave
  4. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

  5. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Caldera niagra electric shocks

    If you get a tingle when you step on the ground, current is leaking from a component into the water. Does the TEST button on the GFCI work? I'd be concerned with a hot tub that produced a tingle without causing the GFCI to trip. I'd start with an electrician checking that out. I wouldn't let my children get near that tub until you found the cause of the problem and get it fixed. Today's tingle may be tomorrow's electrocution. Dave
  6. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    2008 Cal Spa Broken Pipe

    Sorry, there's no frame of reference in the photos so I don't know what I'm looking at. I've never seen a jet with a check valve/baffle. Jets are, for the most part, extremely uncomplicated, just a few holes for air and water. My guess is that you should remove and replace the jet housing. I'm not sure what's shattered, but I am sure it's not supposed to be. Dave
  7. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Circulating pump issues

    That should cause an overheat error. Is the red light flashing? If the pump doesn't turn on, check for voltage where it's connected to the circuit board. If you have voltage and the pump doesn't turn on, it means the pump is bad. If there's no voltage, the problem may be elsewhere. Dave
  8. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Circulating pump issues

    When operating properly, the circ pump does not make a lot of noise. You can usually feel it vibrating slightly. Those pumps operate 24 hrs/day and are likely to fail after a few years, so they're always suspect. You could try bleeding out the hoses in case there's trapped air before buying a new pump. Also, that pump is usually connected through a fuse in the control box. Occasionally the fuses will blow. The fuse is in a screw2 in socket in the rear of the control box, so it is a challenge to get it out. You are probably referring to a bonding wire. The grounding wire is inside the wiring harness to the pump, the external solid copper wire is a bonding wire. Most pumps from the past 20 years or so have bonding wires for pumps and air blowers.. I've seen some modern Laing pumps (which is what HotSprings uses) that do not have connectors for bonding wire. Dave
  9. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    2008 Cal Spa Broken Pipe

    The top photo looks like shattered PVC. I'm not sure if I'm looking down into an elbow or a plug, but it certainly looks like broken pipe. Dave
  10. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Balboa VS500Z HL/LF Codes

    It may be that the motor in the pump has a problem and it is tripping the internal thermal shutoff switch. I've seen this before. It may be that the motor is actually overheating, or that the thermal cutoff circuit is malfunctioning. Either way, you're going to need to either repair or replace the motor. What happens is the motor thinks it's too hot and shuts down. The spa pack, meanwhile, has the heater circuit turned on and is expecting water flow. Since the heater is on, the water in the heater quickly begins to boil, and the sensors report an HL error. The board turns off the pump and waits fifteen minutes (or whatever it's reset time is). Then it tries to turn the motor on again, which works because the motor has cooled off a bit. The motor runs a few minutes and trips the overheat sensor, triggering another HL error. Eventually, after too many HL errors, the spa shuts down. If the motor is actually overheating, it will be hot to the touch. Unbearable to touch for more than a second or two. It's normal for a motor to be warm (around 120 degrees F) , but not painfully hot (I've seen 160 degrees F). Dave
  11. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    2005 Hot spring sovereign leaking below moto massager

    I would recommend to cut out the cracked piece and replace with new pipe. There may be one or two people who have had success repairing damaged pipes, but from my experience most glued cracks don't last. Unfortunately, if one spot is freeze damaged, it's not unlikely to have more freeze damage in the tub. Hotsprings tubs can be a real bear to work on with all that insulation. Dave
  12. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Evolution by Strong, 7 Year Report

    As castletonia said, the bleed lines are to prevent air locks when filling the tub up. They sometimes work. Many repair guys just plug up the hoses when replacing the pump. Personally, I try to use them. I've run into plenty of older spas where someone has put a pencil, bolt or dowel into the hoses with a hose clamp to close them up. To remove the hose from the old wet end, a heat gun will generally loosen the glue, or you can just cut like you said. Strong Spas, who manufacture the Evolution, like to spray insulation onto the base of the tub interior, sometimes immobilizing those hoses. The different PSI rating won't matter, as the water in those lines isn't under pressure, it's connected to the suction end of the pump. Gate valves are great for the first few years of the spa's life. When parts start to get old, so do the gate valves and they become a problem. The only time I've ever seen a gate valve stop the flow of water was in a spa less than a year old. Otherwise, I carry plugs to put in the hoses. For a really old spa, I won't even attempt to close the gate valve, I just drain the tub. I've seen a few gate valves break or leak after being used, and draining the tub is less work than having to turn a pump replacement into a pump replacement and plumbing repair job. I've seen one tub in the past 5 years with ball valves. It was made by Arctic Spas. The tub had had a winter freeze up and leaked everywhere except at the ball valves. Dave
  13. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Balboa VS500Z HL/LF Codes

    Is the pump shutting off prior to the HL/LF errors? Dave
  14. Jersey Hot Tub Repair

    Hot Springs Classic Model F - Light Bulb

    Are the spade connectors on the circuit board clean? I'd try cleaning them off with some fine grit emery sandpaper, just to make sure you are getting a good electrical contact. Dave
  15. Jersey Hot Tub Repair


    Many of customers have been having reporting good experiences with Pleatco filters. That's all we recommend now. Dave