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  1. Thanks, I guess I'll just use ceiling mount in the patio too.
  2. Hi there. Wow that's a great idea and it cost you less. Alright, i'll check that away, Thanks!
  3. Yep, sometimes our body needs to cool down by bathing with warm water just like drinking a hot tea. I guess it also helps in regulation or blood circulation. There is also more disadvantages with cold water.
  4. Thank you for this!!! I tried a few before too.
  5. Hello there, newbie here. So last year, we installed a hot tub beside the backyard in the patio because our family loves to bond outside while dipping the hot tub. Can you suggest a outdoor tv with hot tub mounts? I've seen that cosmos outdoor tv offers a hot tub mount but i want to settle right away that's why i'm need more suggestions or brands. Thanks. better if you have reviews too! Thanks.
  6. It happened to me before I just checked if the its properly connected and I also checked the main breaker.
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