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  1. Found this on the internet. Thought to share with you all.
  2. As per your question i found two best cover which satisfied your need. This Loop-Loc safety pool cover is constructed with a new thicker weave that nearly blocks all sunlight. However, it still allows melting snow and rain to easily drain through. If you want less debris and light in your pool, this is the right choice for you. It still offers exceptional protection as it is durable enough to support the weight of not only a small child, but also an adult. Green Mesh is the best pool safety cover because it protects an in ground swimming pool from severe winter in just one simple st
  3. There are pros and cons to everything you choose. I am mentioning few about inground vinyl pool (of course, I have taken it from one of the blog I read few months back) Positive: Vinyl liner swimming pool structures are assembled in modular panels and can be purchased in various radius and straight segments, the structure has unlimited shape and size potential. This is an advantage for the customer who has specific size requirements or wants a free form design shape. You dream it; we can build it out of vinyl construction. Because of technology advancements like Structura
  4. Have you contacted any pool pump's service guy?
  5. Every pool pump manufacturer (or rather every pump motor manufacturer) gives some allowances (or margins) to pumps in case they ran in drier-conditions. This is because they know it often happens in one way or another. So first check it by yourself if all the components are in fine or not before ordering any new parts or pump. Thanks By the way, I have Intelli-flo of pentair and I use the serene+ cover to reduce the noise. It works great.
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