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  1. Thanks for the responses. It’s a 240v system. I did check out the breaker in the Fuse box - it’s a 40a 2-pole with a built in GFI tester. I tested the GFI and it didn’t pop the fuse like I was expecting. I’m going to call my electrician to come out and inspect it. Those fuses are not cheap. Ughhh!
  2. Greetings All. Our ten-year-old Cal Spa has been randomly resetting itself for the past few years. It’s almost like there is a power interruption and it goes into the startup process as if it was just turned on. It happens randomly – sometimes it will reset after 2 or 3 days and sometimes in a few hours. I can always tell when it resets since the default temp on startup is 100 deg. We’ve lived with this for a few years now and just dealt with it (turning up the temp to 104 when we know we are going to go into the tub later). The spa uses a Balboa board (PN VS500z). I’ve always thought that maybe the board had a hairline fracture and was the cause. However, I replaced the board last weekend and I still get the random resets. Ugh. Any ideas from the experts would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it’s a panel fuse problem??
  3. I know this is an old post but Im having the exact same issues with my Cal Spa. The spa is about 6 years old and about a year ago the spa keep rebooting itself every couple of days. When it's running everything works well, all jets function the temperature comes up to set point of 104F. Then the next time I go out to get in it and is back down to 100F (default temp). Like the original post above, I too caught it reboot itself while sitting in the tub. All wiring connections are tight. It is not tripping the breaker or GFI. Maybe a circuit board?
  4. Thanks for the replies! Dave, I have had the spa for ~8 years now and have gone through 3 of them so far. I learned my lesson long ago not to buy any parts from Ebay (not just spa parts). I typically will get the parts from vendors like hottubdepot or spadepot. They all seem reputable. The first one lasted ~2 1/2 years. Ill check the voltage as you suggested to make sure I'm getting 220v. The Mineral levels are really low where I live and im using Bromine. Ive had a lot of people tell me that these E10 pumps are notorious for failing at 2 - 3 years. Maybe its time for a different brand to see if that helps. Steve
  5. Greetings all, Newbie here with a question regarding circulation pumps. I have a 2011 Calspa (costco edition) that uses one main pump (primary and secondary jets) and another pump (circulation pump). The main pump is one of those funky PRC Dually that are obsolete but still working fine. The circulation pump is a Laing E10 pump (230 Volts). The problem is that I need to replace the circulation pump every 2 years or so. It just dies! Is this unusual? I think its a 24/7 continuous running pump. If this is unusual, then what are some things you could recommend me testing? I appreciate any and all advice.
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