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    Help with Hot Tub Cover Purchase

    Maybe I got lucky, but I bought one slightly used off FaceBook Marketplace for $50. It's been great so far and for $50, if it lasts a year I will be happy, but it will last longer. Search craiglist and FB in your area. There are always several for sale. Here was the ad for me: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/308473619784997/?ref=messenger_banner Here it is on my tub:
  2. LarryJoe33

    Help: Air Lock? Jammed Whirlpool Jet Ring?

    Well you were right Jersey,, I put the pump in low and I was able to spin the diffuser and redirect the water flow as it was designed. Thanks so much for that tip. I would have probably paid for $300 service call.
  3. LarryJoe33

    Help: Air Lock? Jammed Whirlpool Jet Ring?

    Thank you Jersey Hot Tub Repair, hmmm, I will have to try this, from memory I can't say that I have tried this with the pump off. I thought my pump only has high and low and not off? I guess I could kill the power and give it a shot. I spoke with a thermospa tech and he said there is most likely a broken piece of plastic in the diffuser that could be jamming it up. Unfortunately they don't make this valve anymore so it would take a full replacement of the jet/diffuser assembly with an aftermarket one. He said to try and take off the jet and ring by removing something called a C-Clip. He said it's difficult and a two man job. It was spinning fine when the tub was filling when I had the service call and the onsite tech was showing me how to use the tub. Frustrating.
  4. Hello, I am a newbie to the hot tub experience. A few weeks ago I had a thermospa tech come out and get my Chesapeake Tub up and running. He took me through the controls and functionality. There is a Whirlpool Jet Ring circled in Red on my diagram that he turned to show me how to direct the water flow. We have been using the hot tub but I have been unable to turn this ring. It moves a 1/4" left and right and feels loose but it will not move beyond that. There is also a large round jet or inlet or outlet in the middle of the ring that does not seem to be doing anything (in or out). I did not think too much about it as the tub seems to be doing a lot of things to our enjoyment. However, I discovered that the jets circled in blue are not doing anything and began to think this ring needs to be turned to get them going, but again, I can't turn it and have been reluctant to force it. I did some googling and see an air lock could be the cause of the jets circled in blue not functioning. Could an air lock also cause the whirlpool jet ring to jam up? Should I force the ring? It also feel like it is off the threads and hence not screwing in or out? Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I know the tech was turning this ring pretty easily while the tub was filling and I believe the water flow was redirecting with his turns. Now it won't move. Any tips or tricks here? Thanks in advance.
  5. LarryJoe33

    New Owner - New to Hot Tubs Questions

    Awesome Dave, thanks so much for weighing in, this is very helpful. In terms of my questions about cutting the cord and splicing in the new Balboa, I am guessing this is not advisable? As I mentioned, my tub is sunk in and I am trying to avoid opening it up to plug in the new control panel by doing everything from the top?
  6. LarryJoe33

    New Owner - New to Hot Tubs Questions

    Thanks, I guess my results answered my own question, but I was wondering if a bad cover could cause that much water loss in 24 hours. Love to get some input on my other questions/observations. Maybe the traffic here isn't great.
  7. Hello all, I recently bought a new home that came with a hot tub that I just got going. I had a new pump installed. I have a few questions and observations that I would like to run by the community. Make - Thermospa Model - Chesapeake, I believe 5-person, it is most likely between 8-12 years old. The controls are pretty straight forward I think. Three buttons - Pump, Blower and Light. Up/Down for setting the temperature. On push of the pump is low, second high and third off. Correct? Question, if I use the hot tub and have the pump on high and leave it, will it eventually power itself to "low". I think I left it on high last night. The blower automatically turn off at 30 minis correct? The unit has a "1900D" controller and the LED's to display the temperature are failing I believe. 100 looks like 170 for example as well as other anomolies. This makes it hard to set the temperature an not know whether you are going up or down. The thermospa brand controller is $225 and there is a Balboa replacement that looks suitable for $115: https://www.spaguts.com/products/balboa-topside-kit-digital-duplex-vl404-51223-6941.aspx?keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAg_HhBRDNARIsAGHLV53MEV85HWr6odEPd_XC70MIw97u2NFXuCvImkVvYenbrtc00cLhqXgaAu7qEALw_wcB Any experiences here with Balboa? Should this work ok? These look like they are hard wired into the controller and then plugs into a panel with an ethernet type jack. The thought crossed my mind to cut the cord of the old and splice in the new to save myself trouble of removing the side panel. The hot tub is sunk into a deck. Bad idea? I am fairly adept at splicing, soldering and heat tube shrinking. The cover it came with was the original and really old, ripped and frozen water-logged (very heavy). I was still using it but losing 3" of water every 24 hours. I have no leaks to speak of. It is 20 degrees here in New England I a believe it was evaporating quickly because of the poor cover and insulation. I got a new cover a few days ago and I "think" the water level is holding. Can a poor, old, ripped cover cause evaporation? I am keeping it set at 100 and even though it is tough to read, I have a thermometer to support it. I think that's it for now with questions. I am going to read the other thread. Any tips, answers, words of advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe