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  1. Hello, Late follow up due to holidays and a demanding 4 year old.... The symptoms are gone. I did not disconnect either of the pumps. The only thing I did was unscrew the mounting screws on the transformer to turn it around to get the part number. (The 'looseness' I mentioned in an earlier post was simply just the mounting bracket that's behind the PCB). Then jiggled the input/output wires on the transformer, trying to determine possible loose connections on the transformer itself. Then screwed it back onto the mounting bracket. It was extremely hot to the touch initially. And none of those symptoms have recurred since. I'm trying to avoid being a part monkey and buying a replacement transformer just for the hell of it. So as of now, all is good. I suspect it might be some aspect of the transformer. I did validate the output voltage was 12V and 16V per its configuration.
  2. Some more information: the transformer is loose on the PCB inside the control pack. The wires are tight, but the whole unit is wobbly on the PCB itself. Secondly, when I manually turn on pump 2 by pressing the upper display, the temperature reading on the display starts going batty, 32, 99, 102, 32, etc. That does not occur when I manually turn on pump 1.
  3. Well, spoke too soon. Came home tonight and display is now showing 32F.
  4. Unusual indeed! I tried that, with the new sensor, hanging over the edge, for a few days and no symptoms. Installed the new sensor in the wall and within a day or two, the 32F was showing on the display. It's day three after sanding the terminals inside the connector on the board and as of this morning it was not acting up! I'll follow up in a few days with a post-5-day report. On the S-Packs, not so sure they are bullet proof, as I'm on my third unit. Thanks Dennis, appreciate the input. Dan.
  5. Dave, thanks so much. When closing the pack, I don't see anything that is getting pinched. The cover fits without any resistance or interference, I don't have to force it, it closes easily. I did sand the temp sensor connector pins on the board. I didn't bother trying the original temp sensor. After 24 hours, the display is showing 102F, the set temperature. So far so good. I'll monitor for the next 4 days to get through the weird 5-day window of behaving. Hopefully the dirty connectors was the root cause afterall. (so glad I have a new temp sensor and upper display...) On a side note, while having the breaker off for the last week, the hot tub had fun building up scale, bumps, a million little barnacles or whatever it is. It scrapes off easily enough, but will require some elbow grease and a beer to get it all removed. Thanks. Dan.
  6. 2003 Sojourn HP @Home, Dimension One spa; third control pack, p/n 1782-1000 installed Dec 2010. Symptoms: set point is 102F, actual water temp per Thermapen is 102F, display shows 32F, pump/heater pulses on for a second then shuts off. Did reset, let it cool to below 97F, then turned back on breaker. Same symptom returned. Part-monkey action to date: (actually per recommendations from easyspaparts.com) - replaced upper display, p/n 01560-345-6C. Wired it up, let it hang outside of tub cover for a few days, no similar symptom. Installed/caulked it in, worked fine for 5 days, then same symptoms returned. Then, got new temp sensor, 01560-79; plugged it in hanging over the edge. Worked fine for several days. Installed it in, with new wall-mount assembly/oring, repacked insulation around sensor. Worked fine for about 5 days, then same symptoms returned: display shows 32F, pump/heater cycles on for a second every minute or so, set temp is 102, water temp is 102F. Ideas?