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  1. Just because you need a breaker rated for 60 amps does not mean your load is 60 amps.. if it were you would be tripping the breaker all the time. Actual amperage use of hot tub depends on motor starting/running amps, heater amps, control pack and extras. Not knowing what the specifics of each component are or what settings you use. Example.. no heater with all pumps running... Doubt your actual amp draw will excede 35 amps. So your 55 amp 6 guage is adequate. Most likely the reason for a 60 amp breaker is to prevent false trips from spikes during motor starts. But even these should not reach 55 amps. If your tub uses over 55 amps constantly.. you will be better off to sell it and buy one that is efficient because you would be able to save thousands in electric costs!
  2. I thought this was about spas. If you want to compare manufacturing of spas to automobiles, I dont think you can. Having worked in the automotive industry for 25 years, I would not use a name brand of a car as an example of GOOD or BAD.. Most manufacturers of cars have had good and bad cars. I have seen people who would concider nothing but one brand even though they may be buying a lower quality for more money. And Just because it has a name on it, does not mean that is who made it. Mazda builds Fords and visa versa. Mitsubishi builds for Chrysler. etc. Ford and GM use parts built by Chrysler. GM has engines built in Korea just like the Hyundia. We bought a Hyundia and have had better luck with it than friends have had with Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Ford and others. I have a 1990 Chev truck with a V-8 that gets better mileage than a new Toyota PU. Lets stick to spa information.. Compairing to the mess created with peoples views on cars just creates confusion. PS. After owning one Ford... NEVER AGAIN! Had for 3 years, managed to put 5k miles on it when it was not broke down, sold with 60,000 miles on it for $200.. and ran. But some people will own nothing but Ford...
  3. Sorry.. it was just that you did not say where you were.. male or female... price range... Kinda hard to help... and I have the same problem.. but not convinced that clothes or robes even should be bought over internet.. hard enough to get things that fit when you can try them on in stores. added thought.. I have posted before.. I use a fluffy jacket with a hood.. extra long seems to be less breeze for me than a robe running for the house.
  4. Which part are you talking about... that they show a $1000 solar heater on a $500 hot tub, or that you could go to a hardware store and buy what you need for under $200 to do the same thing? Or that it will not do a thing if you need the heat and will overheat the spa when you dont want the heat?
  5. I don't think an electric blanket and wet mix well.. sounds like potential shock and major problem. No suit helps. Crocs easy and quick to put on, get indoors, dry off and put on whatever keeps you warm to close tub. Thing about keeping towel or robe in something to keep warm.. seems like you would spend more time getting it out and messing around in the cold than if you just went inside... I have seen propane patio heaters which if you have an area for near tub might help keep towels and robes warm and would be safer than electric blankets and hair dryers by the spa. Thought.... Get a bike horn, mount to spa, when your ready to get out.. Honk it.. Then the designated towel person runs out with the warm towels....
  6. I wish all of you luck in dealing with this issue. However, recovering money from VISA may be just as much a hastle. After following VISA guidelines for returning a product which was not as advertised, VISA refunded the money for 8 months, then without warning, reinstalled the charges and closed the file and would not reconcider on a purchase made for several thousand dollars. So we do not have the product or the money. I would never trust VISA for backing thier policys on consumer protection.
  7. I found this: http://www.spadepot.com/shop/Spa-GFCI-Load...-P9279C193.aspx Artic dealer told me the Box Store spa GFCI may or may not work with Artic spas because of the 110-220v usage. Don't know what brand GFCI you have or what its rated for.
  8. I was told by the Coleman dealer that the Maxx spa line which were named Coleman would still be made by Maxx without change, they would not have the name of Coleman on them. The company which bought the name, only bought the name, not the line of spas. Maxx would be continuing to sell and service the line of tubs which they built as Coleman but will now have Maxx name on them. I have heard good and bad about this line of spa, but it seems to be a better quality spa than many. I think it is funny that a name like Coleman would be worth anything to put on a product like this. After all, Coleman has nothing to do with the company using the name. The Coleman name used to mean something for quality 20 years ago, but now they just outsource or have the name put on products made by other companies. As long as Coleman is not taking interest or having control of quality of the product the name is put on, the name has no value. It is companies like Coleman that contribute to the failure of the ecconomic stability of the USA. I wrote Coleman over a year ago when I found out about their manufacturing and brand name practices and told them I would not buy any product labeled Coleman. To me it is fraud putting a name on a product because someone paid to be able to without any association to the company. Going to shut up now.
  9. Assuming there is a cover on it.... Or are the squirles and birds going to use it while your away?
  10. Have had this discussion on here before. Turning off the air helps keep cost down for heating while your not in spa. Adding cool air during pump cycles causes the heater to work longer. Because Marquis uses the main pump for heating and this water is returned through the jets, turning the air off should help alot with heating costs and reduce evaporation. Also if you are using a blanket, the air could cause problems with that.
  11. Depending on outside temp and spa temp. Usually if it is hot outside and the spa temp is 99-100 then 45min. to an hour. However if it is hot outside and the temp creeps up to 103-104 then 15-20 mins. If it is cold outside then 99-100 is too cool. 101-102 seems to be good for a hour of soaking any time. My Doctor recomends for my condition the 102-103 temp range so time spent in tub really has alot to do with the temp of the water by one or two degrees and the outside temp for your body to regulate its own temp from exposed skin to the ambiant air. This also depends on how far down in the water your body is in the spa. Water up to your neck gives your body less to control its internal temp than if the water is up to your chest. So how deep you sit in the tub will determine how long you can stay in. Some spas have a "cool down seat" to give your body a chance to manage its temp by exposing more body to the air. Alternating from neck deep to a cool down possition will increase the time you can spend in the spa. I am not a doctor or an expert on the body of other people but I know my body tells me to get out.. so I listen.
  12. Ok, not an expert on outdoor speaker construction. I would not spray anything on them. I do not know if it would react with materials used.. but coating the speaker will increase the weight of the membrain which has to vibrate (move) very quickly making the sound turn to pooo. But this might improve some of the music out there.. so.. well there is my 2 pennys.
  13. When I get one it will be a 15 foot run. But I have used one where it is at least 25 feet. Get out, towel off and throw on a Jacket (big fluffy one with a hood) that zips up. My robe would not be as warm. Between buildings and location, wind has never been bad getting out when it is cold.. not sure if I would take time to dry if it was windy.. just wrap towel and run...
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