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  1. That's a really good price on the Marquis Vector21 V77L, not sure how they can sell it that low. The Jacuzzi 200 series is a comparatively lower series than the Vector21 and the Limelight Beam. The reliability will be similar between the 3, but the Marquis and HotSpring will probably be a slight notch above in build quality and reliability. Out of the 3 you're looking at, the Marquis is the only one made in America if that matters to you. Good luck in your search.
  2. Check out Marquis, they will have something in the 5-9K range. I’m sure you have a local dealer in NC. Much better quality, reliability, and efficiency than a spa you will find at Costco.
  3. Congrats on the tub, that's a nice one. You will need 240v to run MicroSilk. It should come from the factory with the more powerful MP160 pump if you added the MicroSilk option.
  4. The jets on the Marquis Rendezvous will be very powerful if you do the 240v MP160 pump upgrade. Nice thing about the Rendezvous is the long 5/7/10 year warranty when compared to most of the other spas you're looking at (most are 2/2/5 years). The DuraWood cabinet on the Rendezvous is also more of a Trex material and holds up very nice. If you get the Rendezvous Discovery version without all the bells and whistles, it should come in close to or less than most of the other tubs you're looking at.
  5. The jets will time out after 15 minutes, but if it needs to heat it will keep running until up to temperature. It will also do an automatic clean up cycle called Smart Clean after you use the hot tub. Generally it will wait for the jets to shut off for 30 minutes before automatically turning back on for a 1 hour SmartClean cycle.
  6. Check out Marquis. One of the best spas for the cold Canadian climate, and they are in the elite group of 5-6 best spa brands. I put them at the top. You most likely have a Marquis dealer nearby.
  7. Leave the cover off overnight and see if the temperature drops.
  8. Most parts of the US a Euphoria is $12,000+ these days. Sometimes you'll see prices online from years ago that are lower, but the Euphoria was completely different when you go back 4-5+ years. The Euphoria is a great hot tub, one of my favorites! Can't go wrong with Marquis, they are the best in my opinion.
  9. You're probably seeing sunlight shine through from the other side of the shell. Someone at the factory probably missed applying the fiberglass backing, or didn't put very much fiberglass on the back of the shell in this area.
  10. When you filled it, did you stick the hose in to where the filter sits? Usually filling it through the hole where the filter sucks from will help prevent an air lock. If you just filled it by throwing the hose in to the main part of the hot tub, that may have caused an air lock (if that is your issue).
  11. You'll get a handle on it, the water should be pretty easy to take care of. You might have got it, but if you have more issues I would suggest the Ahh-Some product. Also, you may want to consider getting a new filter if you have to do another treatment.
  12. If you like Sundance and Bullfrog and you are in to quality, I would definitely take a look at Marquis
  13. Generally Biofilm won't develop super quick, and the V77L is a brand new model for Marquis so they couldn't have had it on the floor very long. It is possible though, I would suggest picking up a product called "Ahh-Some". Some spa dealers have it, but you can definitely find it on Amazon. It's a small container that has a blue paste material in it. This stuff works much better than any other Jetline Cleaner product on the market. Run this through the system, it will require you to drain and refill. In extreme cases you may have to do this twice. Typically when you run this through the system it is going to strip anything out of the plumbing and it will generally find any oil residuals that are left from manufacturing the plumbing. On a new spa it is common to see some colored foam after you run this through. I would take off the headrests and have a wet-dry shop vac on hand in case you have any colored foam to suck up off the surface. Also, how often are you using the hot tub? How many people use it each time, and are any kids using it?
  14. Marquis, HotSpring, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Bullfrog, Dimension One are the brands you'll want to look at. You might throw Artesian and Arctic to the list if they have dealers in your area. Most of those brands have something in the $7000 and under range, but you won't be getting the top-of-the-line models. I'm a big Marquis fan, check those out if you have a dealer nearby.
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