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Awards That Matter For Pools

When you begin searching for your pool, you’ll be inundated with considerations you need to think about such as cost, size, design, construction, and aesthetics. There are so many choices in these areas that it might seem initially daunting to even reach a family consensus on the shape of the pool much less it’s features. Then there’s the task of choosing the pool contractor, which will require as much homework as any of the previous steps. Picking your pool contractor will directly affect the experience you have constructing your pool and it’s usage for the first few years. Contractors with great reputations and references are worth their weight in gold, giving you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night knowing your project won’t be a disaster.

You’ll find that many of these pool contractors will throw out phrases like “award winning” left and right. But what sorts of awards matter for pools? How can you tell if the award that your contractor has won actually means something? One of the best awards that can be given comes from an organization called TradeCertified. . Originally formed in 1999, this group of industry professionals started out certifying pool and spa builders and has since gone on to certify many other types of trade industries. TradeCertified is a consumer testing firm with specialized knowledge whose mission is to protect consumers from firms that could be incompetent, predatory, unstable, or just plain unprofessional. When buying your pool you want to make sure your builder is certified and not only that, TradeCertified.

Acquiring the TradeCertified designator means your builder has been tested and reviewed on things like number of years in business, industry affiliations, staff expertise, and law suits. They are tested to see whether they possess a customer bill of rights, and actual customer testimonials. They are inspected to see whether the company possesses good corporate citizenship and has a history of customer complaints. Lastly, they are inspected to determine whether the builder has had the necessary service training and whether its employees are continuing to receive education.

You might think that this is beginning to sound like a better business bureau for pools, but that’s inaccurate, as TradeCertified is much more than that. What all this means to you as a consumer is that when you consider what awards the firm you are looking at possesses, look into whether they have received one of the few awards that matter for pools – a TradeCertified Trade award. This highly coveted industry award is given by TradeCertified and based solely on the merit of the company. If the contractor you’ve chosen for your pool has received a TradeCertified Trade award, you can bet that you’re dealing with the very best in your area for pool contractors.

In order to achieve these awards, the companies who receive them are put through a series of independent audits which are extremely thorough and ensure that the company is committed to excellence on every level. An award would not be worth winning if it was easy to achieve, and TradeCertified hands out very few of them annually.

Seeking out an award that matters when choosing your pool or service company is extremely important. Many industry awards are bought and paid for advertisements and the consumer has no idea that this process might be slanted in a way that ensures that the biggest contributors receive the best awards. TradeCertified awards are awards that matter for pools solely because they are above reproach as a company and unimpeachable when it comes to their extremely thorough audit process. The next time you are shopping for a pool or spa, or even a service professional look into TradeCertified to find a trusted industry partner and rest at ease with knowing they are committed to your satisfaction and will do an excellent job.

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