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Artic spa resetting to 80 deg F


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We bought a 2nd hand Artic Spa Fox, build date 2013-12-04 and just got it wired up about a month ago. 

It has been resetting (so it seems) and we've found it at 80 deg F a couple times now.

We have also noticed that it will occasionally attempt to start an automated filter/heater cycle and it will start/stop rapidly (start for about 2 seconds and shut off and repeat). I haven't been able to catche it in the act and see what the display is showing while that is happening. 

I suspect it may be related to a "load manager" that the electrician had to install as the electrical panel was maxed out. The other could be the control panel is on its way out and the guy we bought it from wasn't completely truthful when we bought it. 

I attached a photo of the tag on the control panel.

Thanks for the help :)



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  • schonc changed the title to Artic spa resetting to 80 deg F

I don't know about the Fox model, but the 3 Arctic tubs I've dealt with default to 102 after powering on, so may not be a power issue. It could be the topside (control panel) I would think if it's a stuck temp down button, it would go below 80 though. Would be nice to catch it in the act to see if it goes down in steps, or straight to 80, and any other errors or anomalies.  

One question, is it set to 80, or is the temp at 80? I would check, it might be set to lower but the water is still 80.

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Thanks for the replies.

I did manage to catch the tub while it was acting up. 

Seems like it is activating the lock function repeatedly, like the "pump 1"  button is stuck down. However, if that button is stuck, it shouldnt cause the temp to lower, right?

Called Arctic Spa and they suggested I try pulling the front off the control panel and reset the connector in an attempt to get a better connection.


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Not sure if this helps..

Spas using Gecko SSPA and MSPA systems, and Astrel systems

Gecko MSPA and SSPA systems, as well as systems made by Astrel can be partially or totally locked with TSC-4 (8 or 10-button versions), TSC-8 and TSC-18 keypads.

When the panel is fully locked, all functions are disabled. When the panel is partially locked, the basic functions remain accessible (pump, turbine and light activation), but it is not possible to change the set temperature, disable the Economy Mode or access the programming mode.

Locking: Press the "Pump 1" button for 5 seconds. The screen will display "LocP". Release the key and the keyboard will be partially locked. Press and hold the key for an additional 5 seconds and the keypad will be fully locked. The screen will display "LocF". When the keypad is locked, all automatic functions remain active. The "LocP" or "LocF" message appears if you press a key

Unlocking: Press the Pump 1 button for 5 seconds.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Found the problem. 

It's the connection between the panel and the control board. 

The previous owner mentioned that is had the board replaced and seems like there was a splice in the wires between the top panel and the controller. The wires were just twisted together and taped. I cut out the splice and redid it with solder. 

Also, the connector at the board is looking a little worn out. Some of the wire insulation is ripped and there's a small crack at one corner. It also had a piece of electrical tape over it for some reason 🤔 If the symptoms continue, that will be the next piece replaced. 



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