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Jacuzzi J-400 Pillow Light/Holder Replacement

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I need to replace the pillow holder/light on a J-400 due to the original having snapped and creating a leak point when the water level is high.

I have the spare part but having removed the side from the tub I'm frustrated to find this part is almost completely inaccessible.   Aside from an inpenetrable layer of thick foam insulation the part is also directly above the main support structure of the tub shell.  As the pillow holder sits inside the tub 'edge' its also impossible to access from the reverse angle.

What would you do in this situation?  The only thing I can think is to cut a section out of the wooden tub structure out and then replace afterward with some splicing plates.  This seems extreme, or is it par-for-the-course for tub repairs?



The part is at the upper end of the grey ribbon cable you can just see at the top of the photo.

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