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Where is the high limit switch located? Am I missing something?

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No reset button on that pack. Start by removing the filter and reset the power if you have had a HL error. Run without filter until issue is fixed. If filters are old or dirty they will slow the flow of water going through the heater tube and can overheat the water that does make it to the heater tube causing a HL error. How old is the filters and when was the last time you cleaned them?  Ensure the heat and filtering related pump is working and moving water.

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Do you have a multi meter and knowledge of how to use it? You will need to do some testing. Who installed the heater? Did they make sure the element was not touching the wall of the heater tube. This can cause hot spotting and early element failure. 

Clean filters every 2 weeks at most. Soak and deep clean with a filter wash every 6 weeks. Replace every year to year and a half. Dirty clogged filters is the #1 cause of issues. Cleaner you keep them the better everything else runs and you will use less chemicals. Purge plumbing every 3 mths with Ahh-Some line cleaner. 

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