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As I went to open up my hot tub a couple of weeks ago I began filling it with water. As I was filling it, it was about halfway full, I went over to plug it in. I did not think it would turn on as soon as I plugged it in but would not start until I pressed the power on button on the hot tub. My mistake. It did turn on and starting shooting some of the jets that were already filled halfway while the others were just spurting air. I quickly pulled the plug from the outlet. 

I continued to fill the hot tub until all of the jets were covered up. Again I plugged into the outlet. The plug itself then made a clicking noise but no power for jets. I noticed a flashing error message but could not quite see it. My amateur solution was to drain the water again and refill it again assuming it was an air block.

Refilled again and then when I plug it in to the outlet there is nothing at all and the plug itself does not light up as it used to to show that power was connected. The outlet seems fine as I have plugged other items in it to make sure it actually has power.

I am a desperate guy and would appreciate any help. Should I call a spa guy or is there some other steps I can take by myself. It has worked perfectly the past two years. It is a Lifesmart hot tub from Home Depot.

Thanks so much again for any help!!!  

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First thing is to check at the outlet for power. If you have power at the outlet, is the GFCI on the plug functional? If you have a multimeter, you can then see if the spa pack is getting power thru the GFCI. If you have power to the spa pack, then check the fuses. If those are good and you have power to the board, then I would call for service.

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