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Aquarest Spa Pump Issue

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Hello, newbie to the forum taking a shot in the dark here....I appreciate any help. 

I have a 2016 Aquarest AR-400 Spa. I am in Illinois and this thing has been a beast even though it only uses friction heat. This past winter it was -40 F and the water was still 104 degrees. At any rate, The pump recently stopped working. It was intermittently buzzing like it wanted to start up. I opened the access panel and gave the side of the pump some gentle taps with a wrench and it started working again.....but its alot louder than normal and almost has a metallic sound when operating. 

I am assuming this means I need a new pump, but Aquarest is pretty bad at support and I am guessing there is not a ton of people out there working on these. I have a two part question....


1. This sounds like a bad pump, right?

2. It seems like I should be able to do this myself, but there aren't really and youtube videos or guides for Aquarest. I see Dream Maker ones, but they are different looking pumps. Can anyone give me a quick overview of what that entails? I appreciate any help. Its still working, but I feel like it probably is on death's door. 



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