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Using neutralizers

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Are there problems with using a chlorine/ bromine neutralizer like Thio-Trine? Seems I’ve read something about that in the past. 

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I have only used it maybe 20 times, so am no expert on thiosulfate. Aside from the sulfer odor the biggest issue I have with it is the fact that it is easy to overdo it and end up fighting to get a predictable sanitizer residual re-established. It is also fairly expensive.

In vacation rentals I have had to use it when I did not have time to drain and refill before a check-in so had to shock to high levels to clear water and eliminate chloramines then reduce it to useable levels before guests arrived. I have had complaints about the rotten egg smell that results. It's not pleasant.

In public pools after a fecal incident it is necessary to raise chlorine to extremely high levels for a certain period of time before reopening. For pools that wish to reopen ASAP thiosulfate is the only way to do it. Due to pool volume and high chlorine levels, it can cost hundreds of $ to use thiosulfate in those circumstances.

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