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Stainless steel Swim Spas - any negatives?


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First off, stainless steel is not stainless in poor water chemistry. Most brands use expensive chemical systems and automation to prevent corrosion.

If left empty and exposed to sunlight it can get hot enough to melt the jets. Not covered by warranty and expensive to fix. Acrylic can also be damaged by sunlight, but in different ways.

Some brands use a hydraulic pump to turn a propeller in the tub for the swim jet, so leaks can mean hydraulic fluid in your equipment room, not just water around your tub.

Steel is a heat conductor so, if poorly insulated, will cost more to keep it hot.

When properly maintained, will look great indefinitely.

Seating will be mostly flat, bench type seats as molding steel sheet is much more difficult than acrylic / fiberglass.


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