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Softub Rebuild Thread

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Hi @TonyP - yes the motor turns by hand quite smoothly.

I don't think these motors have a start cap, as per my previous comment. My guess is that it is a Split Phase Induction motor. This looks like a good description: https://mrelectrician.tv/electric-motor-diagrams/

My motor coil DC resistances are 1 ohm for the main coil (Blue to yellow wires) and 5 ohms for the starting coil (black to yellow wires). No idea what these are supposed to be on a good motor.


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On 7/9/2022 at 7:51 PM, TammyMae5280 said:

Can anyone tell me what I need to do with the copper metal strip?  I dont even know if any of this is put back together correctly. Help!!!


Looks like someone added a ground strap to the controller aluminum case? Not original equipment (obviously). Not sure why - pehaps they were using an ungrounded AC outlet and wanted to add a ground wire?

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Hey, everyone!

Softub’s service and parts are one buttoned up operation! It takes dozens of hours online to make heads or tails for any kind of diagnosis or location of parts.

I have an 06’ 300 and wondering if anyone else has experienced their motor getting up to operating temperature, then suddenly tripping itself. It won’t allow itself to reset until the motor fully cools.

To help rule out possible contributors: It’s plugged directly into a dedicated circuit, runs smoothly with no bearing noise, shaft spins freely, strong water flow in stainless steel tube, entire pack is dry and now free of leaks after replacing a cracked split nut.

My best guess is a thermal trip or some kind of short in the motor?
I have a new motor ordered, just because I’m desperate and decided to start throwing money at it, but My question is there any other component outside of the motor (I’m not thinking of) that would cause the inline GFCI to trip after 20-30 minutes of run time?

Any thoughts or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-Mike K.

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