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heating element replacement

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We bought a home with a baqua spa hot tub.   It keeps tripping the breaker so we googled and figured out the issue.  Everything works fine when the heater is not plugged in.  My husband looked up the cost of a new one $150.    Is this something that's pretty easy to replace or left to the professional.?   Wondering what it would cost to replace.   Husband talks of not fixing and filling it with dirt lol.   He's afraid it'll become a money pit. I am more hopeful.  

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An aging hot tub is definitely a money pit.  Then again, so is a car, or a house.  But if you like having a hot tub, then it's probably worth it.

There are different types of heaters out there.  Sometimes you just replace a heating element, sometimes you need to replace a complete contained assembly.  I'm not sure what a Baqua hot tub uses, I don't think I've ever seen that brand before.  Replacing a heater isn't that difficult, but there's a lot of voltage and amperage mixing with water in those things, so you better be careful.  If the old one is corroded badly, it may be difficult to remove.

My recommendation would be to hire a professional, but then again, I'm a professional so my opinion is definitely biased.

Make sure your tub has a tested, working GFCI.  At least that way, if you make a mistake, you probably won't kill your family.







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