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Using DeFoamer With Spa Purge?

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Is it okay to add defoamer when purging a tub? I added an entire bottle of SpaPurge to a 200 gallon tub and it is foaming like crazy several feet off the water surface. Directions say to run for at least 5 minutes but I can only run it for 30 seconds once an hour when the foam dies down. Took 5 hours to run it a total of 2-3min. Finally I had enough and I added some defoamig solution which worked great but now I am wondering if I counteracted the Spa Purge and made it any less effective? Thanks  

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Wow - I've had a backyard spa for 29 years now and had never heard of a spa purge until today, had to look it up on Google and read up.

I think you had no choice but to add some antifoam, and I doubt that a little antifoam will inhibit performance of any purge - without it you could not run the spa to mix through all the plumbing.  So it's like Catch-22.

I worked over 4 decades in the soap and detergent business, and sometimes even a small amount of "surface active agents" can cause foaming, like too much foaming in a dishwasher.

After the purge, you likely need to drain and flush out with clean water a couple of times, and you still might need antifoam then still.

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