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Jandy LX400 issue with lighting

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Been reading some old posts here on and off.  I went through the Jandy troubleshooting guide.   My heater worked about 2-3 months ago.  It will go through the 3 cycles of lighting and then get the AGS Service error.   I replaced the flame sensor and the ignition system and still get the lockout.   I can see in the window the igniter glowing on all 3 cycles, blower kicks in all times, water flow seems good (no low pressure) and it simply will not light the gas.  The blower blows out the natural gas (smell it).    what am I missing here?   Id stick some pipe cleaners down the venturis to see if anything was clogged, nothing came out.      It seems like something simple, but im running out of options.



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If you see the glowing ignitor then you need to listen for the audible click of the gas valve. If you don't hear the click then you need to test for the ~24VAC on the gas valve leads. The ~24VAC will only be there for a few seconds during the cycle. If you have the ~24VAC then, you may need a gas valve. If you do hear the click and still no flame then, you need to vent your gas line. My gas line is black pipe which is known to rust on the inside from moisture in the line. I typically loosen my union or my drip leg and let it vent. Obviously, you don't want to be smoking or near an open flame when doing this. I think this process may also reset your gas valve and regulator. If you don't have a regulator next to your heater then, you need one for sure!

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