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How Do I Heat Spa And Not The Pool

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Hi, I have an inground pool with waterfall, with attached spa with another waterfall from the spa to the pool. I'm trying to figure out how to heat the spa only. There are a series of valves: 1. Switches suction from the spa to the pool. 2. Opens up/turns off flow to the pool waterfall (teed into the the return line. 3. Opens up /turns off flow to the spa waterfall, also teed into the return line.

If I open up the suction to the spa (turning it off to the pool), close off the pool waterfall return, and open up the spa return flow, my assumption is the water is circulating through the heater and through the spa and then back. However, the spa just drains...please help!!

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Why don't you try spa solar cover. It easily heat your spa water. Let me tell you. what is solar cover and how it works?. Solar cover is a large sheet of plastic that looks like bubble wrap and lies on top of your spa/hot tub. Solar cover reduces the heat loss from evaporation by acting as a barrier between spa water and the air. especially, you can minimize your spa heating costs by up to 70% by using a solar cover.

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