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  1. Why don't you try spa solar cover. It easily heat your spa water. Let me tell you. what is solar cover and how it works?. Solar cover is a large sheet of plastic that looks like bubble wrap and lies on top of your spa/hot tub. Solar cover reduces the heat loss from evaporation by acting as a barrier between spa water and the air. especially, you can minimize your spa heating costs by up to 70% by using a solar cover.
  2. If the pool water is dirty you do not even have to do much just grab the nearest net and skim out the leaves and the debris floating around in the water. If the water remains dirty clean your cartridge make sure it is not get damaged. If it is damage replace ASAP
  3. Perhaps vaccuming work, but still I am not sure whether it be effective or not.
  4. I think your pump needs some minor repairs and adjustments that help to eliminate this noise. You said your pool pump is beeping right, Sometimes, problems in the skimmer baskets can be responsible for the beep in pump motor. Check your skimmer basket and make sure it has not got clogged with large or small items. Check and clean your skimmer basket.
  5. Totally, agree with spa guru a cartridge working long for a pool will no longer effective in trapping impurities from the water. Make sure about your cartridge. I hope it helps you
  6. Quite unpleasant to look at the algae affected pool. I read somewhere black algae are the most difficult to deal with. But as we know that each problem has a solution.
  7. I agree with Wizard's answer. Make sure you will also consider these tips http://blog.poolfilters.biz/winterizing-your-pool-made-easier/
  8. It may be some minor issue in your hot tub pump. I hope my tips may help to eliminate this noise. Check the bolt holding your pump. loose or tight? If the bolt is okay then check the skimmer basket. Sometimes problems in the skimmer baskets can be responsible for the noise in pump motor. In case it doesn't work, check out this link below http://blog.poolfilters.biz/how-to-eliminate-unwanted-noise-in-a-pool-pump/
  9. Here are some easy ways and techniques to solve your problem, I hope it helps http://blog.poolfilters.biz/4-techniques-troubleshoot-hayward-pool-pumps/
  10. Well, it may be the reason for getting stuck closed hope this link may help you http://blog.poolfilters.biz/guide-on-vacuuming-pools-and-maintaining-pool-filter-cartridge/
  11. Changing the water would be the best solution to remove worm from pool water. You should be extra sure about filter cartridge (If you are using in your swimming) check it is working properly or not. Use some pool equipment like catfish, pool robot to remove remains dirt from the pool.
  12. I guess, there is a problem in water, is your pool water clean? if yes then It seems your cartridge is not working efficiently. Here are some simple steps that you should consider before adding chlorine in pool water Water Treatment And Testing For Swimming Pools
  13. Covering swim spa all the time in summer can effect its water and other accessories. What I am going to suggest, if your swim spa is portable then keep it in a cold place heat it once in a week. I think it would be better to keep water free from debris and critters.
  14. It seems leak. Hope these instructions might help you. Dealing With Vacuum Leaks In Swimming Pool Equipment How To Prevent Your Swimming Pool From Losing Water A Guide To Repairing Leaks In Pool Pumps Cheers
  15. I think yes it should be cleaned. I'm not talking about DE filters, but yes, if you are replacing cartridge of filter then you will have to clean it some elements could be trapped in filter that would be harmful for cartridge.
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