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O-Ring Lubricant - Waterproof Grease Or Silicone Grease?


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I am reassembing my hot tub pumps & heater pipe... it's been apart for a while. The rings and the flangeas have O-rings or seals on the lip. I want to clean the o-rings and flange seals and lubricate them before assembly.

So for O-ring lube, i know you don't use Vaseline or any petrolem product... but all I have found in the O-ring section at my local supply store is either "Water Proofe grease" or " Silicone grease"...

I did not find anything that specifically said "O-ring lube".

When I did searches on "O-ring" lubricant, mostly I hit Silicon-based as the preferred lube... especially for Pool and Spa.

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