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Pump Leak , Hot Spring Classic


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Model F

Serial # F461386

Built in the last quarter of 1996

Dedicated 20amp to the panel

Part number 13 on the picture of the pump ( vclamp) is pushing out water. Not constant just on off on off. The jets work. I just noticed the water level went down 4 inches rather quick so I went looking for a leak.

I want to know if this sounds like a fix by changing O-rings or is this a larger problem?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi, Most likely it is just an O-ring that has flattened-out over time and can no longer seal properly under pressure. You can first try tightening the pump V-band bolt to see if that resolves the leak but if not, then the O-ring should be replaced. To replace the O-ring, first unbolt the pump from the floor of the compartment, remove the V-band and slide the motor assembly away from the attached wet-end............. do not remove the pump wet-end from the plumbing connections. Use silicone to help hold the new O-ring in place and then carefully slide the pump assembly back into the wet-end, install the V-band and tighten. Secure the pump to the floor of the compartment. You may need to tighten up the V-band bolt one more time after the water has heated back up again and everything has expanded. If you need more room to access the pump, the equipment compartment door can also be removed. Regards, Keith, Watkins Customer Service.

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Thanks for getting back to me! We were thinking that while we had it open we should replace all O-Rings? I think I found 3 of them.

I am assuming the water has to be drained to replace this O-ring? I just changed the water and got my chemicals right.

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