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  1. Green logo light flashing is for ACE or control thermistor. If you verify your ACE has no service requests, then you should contact your dealer to troubleshoot the flashing green
  2. You should contact a dealer with your spa serial number so a proper diagnosis can be made. The part numbers you reference are not any kind of numbers used by our system. A dealer should be able to diagnose this quickly, and save changing parts that may not need to be changed.
  3. That part is the flow valve for the Bellafontana. You will need to have your dealer come out to look at your spa and make sure a new valve is installed correctly.
  4. Your circ pump should run 24/7 unless you are in summer timer. The heater light will be on when the spa is heating. If you do not have good flow, the spa will not heat.
  5. You did not give a serial number, but for the last 15 years the 30 amp breaker control the spa side, not the heater side. Where is you neutral wire in you sub panel? It need to be on the load side of the breaker and not the neutral bar.
  6. That ohm value is too high. You should contact your dealer for service to ensure you get the correct heater to keep your spa operating correctly.
  7. You should have a dealer or electrician come out and test the current leakage of your spa to find out why your breaker is tripping.
  8. The green and red blinking at the same time indicates the pressure switch. If you have good water flow from the circulation pump, you should contact your local dealer to replace your heater.
  9. The READY light is on when the water is +/- 2 degrees of the set temperature. Your spa is very well insulated and will take a long time to cool in the summer months. You could have a qualified technician come out and verify that your heater is not coming on when the water is above the set temperature. Always check the water temperature and chemical balance before using the spa.
  10. Sounds like your circulation pump is not working. You should have a qualified service technician come out and diagnose your spa. It may be the pump,but it could be something else. Please be safe when working around electrical components.
  11. You should contact your local dealer and pick up an owner's manual for your spa. You can also get new filters, chemicals, and test strips from them.
  12. Congratulations on your purchase. Limelights are great spas. The Freshwater salt is an awesome option for your spa. One important fact is that this is not a "set it, and forget it" system. Every 10 days you will need to check the spa and give feedback to the system about the chlorine output. The Freshwater will not harm any parts of the spa as long as you keep the water balanced with a proper chlorine level. You should have your water tested by the dealer or a pool store to make sure you do not have anything that will need to be treated for during a fill-up. The Freshwater system needs you to have your water treated and balanced properly for it to work correctly. The Connextion system can be used monitor the spa, and set temperature remotely. Any water testing must be done at the spa using test strips.
  13. The red D9 flashing on the heater relay board means the board needs to be replaced. You should have your local dealer service your spa to make sure the spa is operating properly.
  14. The best choice is to have your local dealer look at your light and replace if needed. The light is inside the plastic housing on the back side of the light lens, and this just pops out. The light assembly is inside the housing. Any work done inside the spa equipment compartment should be done by qualified technician.
  15. You should contact your local dealer to get an owner's manual, and find out about the proper chemicals and filters for your spa.
  16. A blinking RED Power light is showing you that the spa is in Hi-Limit and only the circulation pump will run. You should contact your local dealer for service on your spa.
  17. When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your filter. You may also have other restrictions in your circulation plumbing. Your local Hotspring dealer could help you get your tub running again.
  18. Sounds like you do not have good flow in your circulation system, so once you turn on the breaker the heater is getting too hot and sending the spa into hi-limit. You should have at least 3 gallons per minute flowing through the heater.
  19. Sorry to say you will need to talk to your local dealer about installing the Eagle system. Once installed the spa will look and operate the same.
  20. You should only use granular type chemicals in your Hotspring spa. If you are buying from a dealer, they should have what you need. You can also get chemicals from a pool store or hardware store. Make sure you get test strips and always keep you water sanitized along with the ph and alkalinity balance.
  21. The display should wake up when a button is pressed, if it does not call your dealer for service. If your display wakes up reversed, just hold down the BACK button and it will reverse back.
  22. Your thermistors should both read the same value unless the heater is on, then the hi-limit would read less the the control. Have you checked your circulation pump, and checked filters for flow? Are you sure the power light is not flashing? The heater may be needing the power down to reset, and then heat again, and that can indicate a flow issue.
  23. Hello, The E in your serial number shows that it is an export 50 hertz spa. Everything would operate the same as a standard VV spa. Your heater is 1.5kW, so heating the spa at 1 degree per hour is normal, but once your spa is up to temperature it will keep your spa hot for your enjoyment.
  24. Your thermistors need to be connected correctly and have the correct ohm value for your heater to work. When the control box sends power to the heater you should have the same voltage going to your heater that you have coming into the heater relays. This could be 120 volts or 240 volts, depending on how you have your spa connected. Be careful anytime you are working around live electrical circuits. You can always contact your local HotSpring dealer for service.
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