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    Computers, Stained Glass, Hot tubs

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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! We were thinking that while we had it open we should replace all O-Rings? I think I found 3 of them. I am assuming the water has to be drained to replace this O-ring? I just changed the water and got my chemicals right.
  2. Classic Model F Serial # F461386 Built in the last quarter of 1996 Dedicated 20amp to the panel Part number 13 on the picture of the pump ( vclamp) is pushing out water. Not constant just on off on off. The jets work. I just noticed the water level went down 4 inches rather quick so I went looking for a leak. I want to know if this sounds like a fix by changing O-rings or is this a larger problem? Thanks for your time!
  3. Classic Model F Serial # F461386 Built in the last quarter of 1996 Dedicated 20amp to the panel http://www.backyardplus.com/spa-serial-number-search.php?sn=F-4-6-1386&cat=2&page=14
  4. Thanks! I have recently learned the many benefits of magnesium. Just wondered if I could add it to my hot tub. I will not be trying that.
  5. Is there a hot tub that moves the water by air where the salt wouldn't come in contact with the metal ?
  6. I am back! Glad you left this here since I lost my copy on my hard drive. Thanks! I love my hot tub! Thanks for being here
  7. This is done it was much easier than I had anticipated!
  8. Classic Model F Serial # F461386 Built in the last quarter of 1996 Dedicated 20amp to the panel While getting another part I decided to replace the wall fitting nut on my hot tub since the tab was broken off. I am unsure if it takes a special tool to remove since it has holes in it or not. I tried unscrewing with just my hand and that's not going to work. I haven't brought any tools into the picture yet not wanting to break it. Any tips on how to get this off?
  9. Thanks for that clarification! its just a small leak so hopefully all else is OK!
  10. Classic Model F Serial # F461386 Built in the last quarter of 1996 Dedicated 20amp to the panel The knob area on top of the hot tub is leaking water. It seems to be coming from under the bezel. I see a blow up of all the parts inside, Would I be able to find out what the most likely part or parts need to be changed? This is the big knob on the same side as the control panel of the hot tub. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Just stopping by after testing my water again Thought I should tell you I think I got it down! As long as I keep 2 tabs in my floater, and floater closed, it seems to always come out right!
  12. Thank you much! I will take your advice, be slow and careful instead of fast. Thanks for all your help, its appreciated
  13. I got my O-Ring yesterday. $1 with shipping! Now would I want to remove the heater from the hot tub to change it? I guess the removal of the thermistor will give the water an escape route. I read that you can use a cork to close up the hose for minimal water loss. I ordered both O-Rings thinking that the other is the same age. Should I go ahead and change them both, or wait for a leak. Any tips on how to go about this? The chemicals are perfect now, with the help of this website! I am probably close to empty and refill time if that would be best.
  14. I soaked my pieces in ketchup last night they are the color of copper without the shine, my friend says they are copper. They are already getting the green back on them. I did turn the jets on and it is leaking a little. We have decided to go ahead and rebuild the pump. Is there such a thing as a rebuild kit for this pump? Davidpsalt told me above to also check the bearing while I have it apart, and I am guessing a few seals, and whats this part that used to be copper called? is that called a seal plate? Is there a place that gives me a list if there is no kit? I saw the new heater when I first started searching my problem. I think you have to decide before getting a heater in the future if needed that you will have to decide then if you want 110 or 230 (I thought that was 220 but I checked my paper ) We dont want to make that choice yet, we are still thinking of changing it over. The new heater resets with powering down for a min or two... is that not what I did by unplugging when the water was cold and plugging it back in on my old heater?
  15. I added a scale to the picture this time these are new found in my hot tub. I tried to see if I could pick them up with a magnet and they don't stick.
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