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Can A Leak Fix Itself?

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aGrandma    0

I have had a slow water leak for over a year in my inground gunite pool. Every 2-3 days I add water to keep the level up enough so the pump/filter work properly. Doing this makes my salt disappear, as well as the other chemicals in the pool. I never knew where the water was leaking from/to.

Recently on this forum I had a problem with my pump not working, which turned out to be the pump basket filter gasket not making a good seal. After properly lubricating it, my pump has worked flawlessly. I also lubed the gasket around the large filter container.

Then, oddly, the water level has not gone down in the pool since then! (Except for normal evaporation, which is minimal in the winter.) We have not had to add water in the weeks since fixing the gasket. We never saw water near the pump on the concrete or anywhere.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Does anyone have a guess as to how we could be losing up to 1/4" of water per day from the pool because a pump basket gasket was not sealing correctly? Or the filter gasket?

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PoolGuyNJ    0

It's possible with the cooler weather that a fitting fits a bit more snugly now. We'll see when Spring rolls around I expect.


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