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  1. Thank you! So much to consider! I'm less concerned with heatup time...its more around the total electricity/energy spent between: 1: maintaining the temperature at 100 + heat up to 104 2: maintaining the temperature at 90 + heat up to 104 3: maintaining the temperature at 80 + heat up to 104 Sounds like #3 will spend the least amount of energy, however as you mentioned relay issues likely to show, but then again it it may last longer...sounds like I got my answer. Thanks again!
  2. I just got a hot tub a month ago and things are going well. It heats up 1.5 degrees an hour and I usually only use it on friday to sunday nights so I would keep it at 90 degrees during the week and Friday morning I turn it up to 104 in the morning and by night time it's all set. My question is, can I set it to 80 degrees? 75 degrees even to save more energy during the week since I'm not using it? I tried searching but haven't found a definitive answer. Some people say it takes more energy to heat up, which really doesn't make a lot of sense to me...but I may be wrong. My hot tub is LifeS
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