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  1. We bought our home roughly 2 years ago and came with a 2002 Sundance 850 series Marin hot tub. First time tub owner-there we’re some chemicals left but not many. I went to a pool store and had the water tested prior to purging draining and refilling. Upon refilling we used bromine tablets and non chlorine shock. All was fine and dandy for about 2-3 weeks and then we developed a strong chemical smell when turning on the jets - literally anyone and everyone with 12 ft of the hot tub would start coughing and sneezing. Took the water to the pool store and all chemicals were within good limits so they recommended using a Spa Natural which helped for about 2 weeks. We then just used the tub without jets for about 2 months because it didn’t smell unless jets were on. We then purged again and refilled but switched to Frog Ease assuming we just couldn’t handle the chemical smell. At this time we also bought all new filters and also tore all jets apart to clean out and used a shop vac to all jets to get the water out. We continued using the Frog ease with minimal relief from the odor in between purging and refilling. After about another year and 4 more drain/refills, we decided to opt for a new cover per the store’s recommendation because the cover was water logged and they feared this was causing the smell. We also replaced the filters again and bought all new head rests. I also tore the jets apart again and deep cleaned the tub. Refilled the tub and used the frog ease system again. Fast forward 3 weeks and the smell returned. So back to not using jets again. Waited about 2 months and purged, drained, refilled and switched back to bromine because I was tired of paying for frog ease with no difference in outcome. Again, within 3 weeks the awful smell, sneezing, and coughing has returned. Through out this entire time I have had the water tested more times than I can count and EVERYTIME I am told their is nothing wrong with water chemistry. The store is literally out of options for helping. I am at a wits end. I don’t understand what the problem is. We love the hot tub and at this time don’t want to get a new one but I’m fearful that this is something we may not be able to fix. I unfortunately do not have any print outs with the most recent water chemistry as my husband recently threw them away by accident but the only thing was occasionally we would have a minor chemical adjustment needed but nothing that the pool store believes would lead to this. I’m looking for any suggestions someone may have for me to try! I am willing to clean, drain, refill and start with a fresh slate of products-testing recommendations, maintenance routine that anyone feels may help! I know it may be expensive starting with all new chemicals but I’ve already literally invested hundreds and hundreds in products so if it is a solution I’m willing to do it!
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