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  1. @nightmara Ugh this is the worst isn't it? For me this was a bucket list item, having my own spa... and now I can't even use it. I've drained over 8 times and i can use it for a few times on a new fill (sounds like you have the same thing) but after the water is a few weeks old, I am immediately itchy. I used the hot tub initially for 8 weeks until my first rash happened.... which seems to be the rough amount of time to sensitive to an allergy. My dermatologist did a biopsy of my rash and def said it's an allergy to something... not helpful. I didn't have any meaningful reactions to my patch t
  2. Hi @DaveP! Sorry I sort of stopped looking at this thread as much just because I've found absolutely nothing out. My flushes now between water changes produce barely any gunk when using ahhsome, so I am really sure that general cleanliness is not my issue here- although I believe it was on the first time when this first occurred! The first few months I had my tub, we were incorrectly told how to take care of it by the place that sold us our tub- so much gunk came out, took 2-3 drains to get it clean. I thought for sure it was just the poor cleanliness, but I've drained and refilled 8 tim
  3. Hi @dlleno- yes to me it seems like since it was 1 person using it instead of two this last time, I got twice as much time out of it before having problems. I agree it's something accumulating. I am unclear why CYA increases over use in my use case? I do not use dichlor and I just use bleach essentially once I set the CYA to 30ppm at fillup. When this skin problem first happened, I was almost positive it was CYA causing this because I used dichlor before and the spa company just told me to keep adding that after using it- which accumulated too much CYA, and the chlorine is too slow to respond
  4. @dllenoSorry for not responding to your question- yes, then I put the filters in the tub with the ahhsome, and more gunk came out, then I did that until each there was no material that came out, purged until it was clean, then I cleaned the shell and filled. This was the case for the last few purges. This last purge, the last thing I could think of (at least giving us more information) was to have ONLY me use the tub. This time, I made it 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks on the fresh water until I got the rash and itching/crawling skin. The chlorine never got below 3ppm the whole time I was u
  5. @dlleno @RDspaguy Hey folks- since my two purges on May 27th, unfortunately, 10 days in after about 5-6 uses I got the itches again. Usually it starts this way, where I can use the tub for a while on a new fill then it creeps back. I at first feel these little pin pricks all over, then a crawling feeling which turns into extreme itches. If I keep using it, then it morphs into a rash. Biggest issue is sleeping... I stopped using it after the first stage so I don't get the rash again, and just used it again tonight so we'll see. So strange that last fall I used the hot tub for 8-9 weeks wi
  6. @RDspaguy Yep I tried all 4 of those things in the bath tub at hot tub temp for the same period I sit in the hot tub. FYI This fill up I am NOT using MPS. Maybe I shouldn't add more hot tub serum and try to keep it simple? I used it last fill a few times and it didn't seem to change my reaction that's the only reason I added it. You never shock your hot tub to 10ppm? I was told to do that weekly. I do have a corona discharge ozone. I haven't really paid attention to how long the chlorine stays above 5ppm without us using it, since my hubby uses it so often. I will try to pay attention to
  7. @RDspaguy @dlleno OK internet friends, I've got an update! I was able to get my de-foamer for the weekend and I did my first purge on Saturday. I put in double ahhsome dose and it foamed a lot, so I put in the defoamer but I think I put in a little too much because a lot of the foam went away which I realize is a bad thing. I was shocked at how much more crap came out on this purge... I sort of expected almost none. I wiped up the amount shown in the first photo maybe 2-3 times. Then it stopped producing more crap. This was done with the filters floating in the tub. It's a full day of my
  8. @dlleno true very good point; I was going to ask about leaving the ahhsome in overnight and I think it's a wonderful idea. I hear you on putting the filters in after we think we got most of the gunk; I also did that on the second purge last time. I just purchased some of the de-foamer for the extra dose of the ahhsome if the first dose doesn't produce much so once I get that I'll start the process! Thank you all for the continued support and energy to help figure out what's going on! Eventually, we will get this and it will be glorious. Cassie
  9. Thanks folks I agree we have come this far- I've absolutely gotta know what the issue is here! This is definitely over my head with chemistry, but I love the simple experiment. Is there any way to get my water tested for biofilm/bad stuff? I wish I had access to a different hot tub to try, but in this period in time that's not going to happen. I'll definitely sneak in another purge with ahhsome I was thinking the same thing!! Yay bonus purge. I'll try to sneak this drain/refill in this weekend. Cass
  10. @dlleno @RDspaguy Hey folks! Sorry for the delay here, I wanted to wait until I could get you more information thanks for the patience. I had ordered new phenol red for my PH test and also ordered the Hot Tub Serum that you recommended so I wanted to test both of those before I reported back- they came last night! So I added the hot tub serum and it foamed a little like the directions said, but otherwise seemed good. My PH tests slightly high @ 7.9 but for now I'm just leaving that alone. My reaction seemed unaffected by the hot rub serum (for better or worse), but I am going to keep usi
  11. @dllenoand @RDspaguy, I feel bad about this one; I have no idea what's going on, but it seems my phenol red indicator in my test kit has gone to crap?? It's not expired, but my tap water is also testing 9.0 PH which I know for a fact 2 months ago with this same kit it tested 7.6ish. With my tap water, it goes from purple to yellow and no in between for the acid demand test. That's when I was like OK, there's something wrong here. Unfortunately I had added another 1.5oz of dry acid to the tub before I suspected this..... I pulled out the "inaccurate test strips" and tested the tap water, and th
  12. OK @dllenoand @RDspaguy, Much to my disappointment the PH has remained high this AM. TA is 120, PH is probably closer to 9 (I can't test that high, but considering the amount of acid the demand test wants me to add, it's gotta be high). CH is 70. Water looks amazing for what it's worth. I'm sort of at a loss here, I can keep adding acid which seems to change the TA more than anticipated also... so I kind of have to juggle the two? I have been waiting roughly 12-15 hrs between adding things. Nothing seems to change during that time since I've tested throughout it before. Thank
  13. Hi folks!! Great news my ahhsome came early, so we started this process on Saturday AM! First purge was pretty epic- there was a lot of tan gunk then dark gunk that came up for about 20 minutes, I kept wiping it up with a bucket of diluted ahh-some and chlorine like you suggested. During the whole process we had about 25ppm of chlorine. By the end of the 30 minutes, I had wiped up everything from the edges and the water looked very clear and just the normal ahh-some foam. BTW I had rinsed out the filters before the ahh-some purge and put them in the tub section. Once it was drained, the
  14. Dlleno, This whole thing is incredibly eye opening. I wouldn't be shocked dealers are so blind to biofilm- the initial water care instructions given by the dealer were VERY wrong... only once we found this forum did we realize how bad it was. Not even a mention about CYA, yet they had us putting diclor in the tub every week and said we only had to change the water once a year. I can't even imagine how much CYA we had in there, rendering our sanitizer utterly useless. Luckily we understand what to do now, so once this biofilm issue get's resolved hopefully we are good! Regarding a der
  15. Dlleno and RDspaguy, you guys clearly have so much experience and I really appreciate you going back to basics and re-checking the simplest thing first! Dlleno I read your report on the Oh Yuk and that definitely convinced me it was a poor choice! I ordered Ahhsome as soon as I read it and it will be here in a week hopefully. Just to confirm from reading, to clean your filters with Ahhsome, you actually put them back into the spa that had ahhsome in it and run the jets? Honestly over the years I've had a few health issues where the doctors barked up the wrong tree so I wouldn't put
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