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  1. I have a Taylor kit but lost the book. The quick guide only states what to do if its too high. I have taken over ownership of a pretty old Morgan spa, its above ground fiberglass. I've just filled it and trying to balance it proper to get as much life out of it as possible.
  2. I know it's probably obvious but I can't seem to find it anywhere. When using the Taylor test kits, how do you test or read for LOW calcium? Google gives me nothing but what to do if I have low levels, but not how to see if I even do or not. Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding it. Thanks
  3. Thanks @waterbear. I've been sticking to it and finally got the water to balance to finish the decontamination process. We cleaned and refilled it and now in the process of balancing it to add the bromine as suggested in the 3 Step process. It's going much better now that I understand it more. It also looks great to not see the brown scum building up on the side walls. I really worried that would never fully stop and that it was just a lost cause without multiple decontaminations, which I wasn't looking forward to do.
  4. PH: 8.0 TA: 80ppm Bromine: have not added any CH: 120ppm Water Temp: 74F Spa is off as of now and is uncovered, but sitting on a covered porch. When doing the testing: Using the K-2106 testing kit and measuring the pH, it states to add 5 drops of R-0004 and to cap and mix. The resulting color matches the highest level, which shows 8.0. It may be higher but I am not sure since my kit only shows up to the 8.0. Now when I use a dip strip it shows the range to be close to the 7.2 color, but I know that y'all say not to rely on those so that is why I bought
  5. Ok ill get those. But real quick, I don't have sanitizer in it. Reading step 4 sounds like the TA & PH need to be done before adding the sanitizer??
  6. I am trying to do the decontamination process from Nitro. I have already done the enzyme part and dumped that. Now it's filled and I am trying to balance it to the TA of 80 and PH of 7.2. I've got the TA at 80 but nothing is getting the PH down. I just bought the test kit K-2106. The PH is showing at the highest level, and I only have to add 2 drops and it turns pink. So I check the book and for my 350 gallon spa I calculate that I need .63875 oz of muratic acid (18.89 ml) I do that and come back a few hours later or the next morning and test again. It gives me the same thing - high
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