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  1. Did you recently fill the spa? Could there be an air lock in the pump wet end? To clear an air lock back off the coupler at the face of the motor a couple of turns until you get water dripping out and allow any air to escape. With an air lock you can have water on both sides of the pumps plumbing but air trapped in the wet end/middle. Motor will work and impeller will spin but it won't move water until the air is released. At the back of that pump you will see a black cap with a screw holding it on that is right in the middle of that black cap. Remove the cap and you will see the shaft on the motor...again dead center and it will have a slot in it that you can place a flat head screwdriver into and see if the shaft of the motor spins freely or if it is stuck... or you can put power to the pump IE turn the pump on and see if it spins as it should. If it spins freely then I would remove the pump and check to see if the impeller has broken off the shaft or if there are any blockages. If you have to replace the entire unit you will likely be able to find it cheaper in the aftermarket online. Pumps can also be rebuilt fairly cheap depending on the issue. Where on Earth are you located NA or Europe? Let us know results
  2. @David Miller https://spacare.com/jacuzzipumppartsjjcmseriesandstingray.aspx
  3. Yes, Needs a new seal and impeller...front bearing if it's noisy.
  4. check and make sure all the jets are open and clear of debris on the inside. Last one I had that was sucking in the inside of the jets were full of pine needles. I removed the jets and ran the spa on high for a couple of cycles to clear the needles from the plumbing lines. Worked for awhile and had to go back again and do it all over. It was sucking the needles in through the round pump returns in the foot well.
  5. Home Depot here in Canada rent long bed pick up trucks by the hour/day for pretty cheap. I have seen 7x7 spas tipped on their sides into pick ups and strapped down. Do I advise this...not publicly...lol. If you do please use 2" straps. Had one guy load an 8x8 and tied it down with skinny yellow rope. Asked him where he was taking it...North Bay...4 hours away. I gave him a 30/30 Warranty... 30 seconds or thirty feet which ever comes first and I started counting 29 seconds ago. Then there's this guy...
  6. Think you need to expand your trailer search and find a flat deck trailer. Good luck with the move and let us know if you have questions during the repair. If you have to tip the spa on it's side to get it in/out I have seen some folks use an old truck bed and tip the spa into the bed and push/slide it around to the front of the house/driveway. Let us know about your experience and maybe help the next person. Regards CST
  7. My advice is to hire Hot Tub Movers. Cost $2-400 and will save you time and headache getting it out of the backyard and into yours. FYI... Free hot tubs are never free and there is no such thing as a small leak in my experience. BUYER BEWARE!
  8. Sounds like something got wet. If the pump was running the motor may have sucked water in or there could be another component like an ozone unit or stereo/led power supply that might have gotten wet if they are mounted low in the spa. Suggest unplugging each component from the circuit board one at a time until the breaker holds. Post photos of the equipment area, the circuit board and the schematic on the inside cover so we know what you have and can advise further if needed.
  9. Post photos of the circuit board and the schematic on the inside cover so we know what you have.
  10. Now disconnect the circ and start working backwards and plug everything BUT the circ back in one at a time and see if it holds. If everything else works then replace the part.
  11. You have money? Don't let the wife find out 😆
  12. What brand/model spa do you have? The Hydropool pic below has 2. Bottom for cooling the pump and higher up to vent heat but all spas are different. Your issue is also different. Not sure venting will solve the moisture issue you describe. @RDspaguythoughts?
  13. Hot Tubs need to breath. Venting is usually located near pumps to keep them from overheating. Over insulating can cause problems. A single spa pump running for 10 mins will generate 160+ degrees then add a second pump and that's a lot of heat and $$ you are spending. It is best to use that heat and $$ to your advantage. If you now have to add a vent to introduce cold Canadian air you may want to reconsider your set up. Some MFG's use vents and it is not uncommon but it confuses me. Why add all that insulation only to have to use a vent bringing in cold air. Works in the summer but not so great in Winter. Some use adjustable vents that can be closed in Winter months but customers almost never use them properly or forget to open/close them when necessary and how do you know when it's necessary. This time of year (fall) you can have temperature swings of 50 degrees in hours. Since you have already bought your insulation my suggestion would be to eliminate the vapor barrier and use heavy garbage bags then wrap and Tuc tape the rockwool. Place the bags in between the framework of the spa only and leave any uninsulated areas inside of the bagged rockwool open to allow the heat and air from the pumps to circulate within that void to work in your favor. A lot of spas will shed heat from along the top edge of the framework where it meets the acrylic. If you have the vapor barrier tucked up in there you might want to trim it down a bit to allow heat and moisture to escape. Heat rises. Where in Canada are you located? You can buy an adjustable vent made for spas: https://www.hydropoolhottubs.com/en/Shop/Products/Parts_And_Accessories/Cabinet_Pieces/Cabinet_Vents/2005094__2005094_-_Cabinet_Vent_Light_Grey in various colours to match your skirting. Various styles here: https://waterwayplastics.com/product/spa-accessories/
  14. The water level should be above the highest jet so first I think you need to add a bit of water and cover that jet by about an inch or 2. The jet might be adjustable in 2 ways.. it might have a center portion that can be adjusted downward or you may be able to turn the face of the jet counter clockwise to turn each individual jet off/on. Would need to see a photo of the jet to advise further. Sorry for your loss.
  15. So hook the circ back up and see what happens. Post photos of the circuit board and the schematic on the inside cover. Plug circ back in and disconnect the heater and main pumps 1 and 2. Check that the circ is working as it should and there should be no error codes. Then when the spa is calling for heat test for 240V at the heater connecting on/at the circuit board. If it runs and you get proper power to the heater off the circuit board without issue then add the heater back onto the board and try again. Then if it is still going good add pump 1 and test, then add p2 and test. Let us know results.
  16. Test fuses. The one above where the wiring connects is for the pumps but test them all.
  17. I don't get the wiring... Page 18 here: http://acc-spas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/77227-ACC-Manual-062016.pdf I know what you posted earlier (below) but I am looking at everything and to me somethings not right. @RDspaguy@cranbiz Thoughts? "I got these directions from the spa dealer: "Your spa needs to be hard wired with 220V wiring. The wire service included (2 hot 1 ground) Outdoor rated #6 or heavier wiring is recommended. Your wiring will originate from your home electric panel, run to a GFCI and then be connected(hard wired) to the Smart Touch 2000 electrical pack inside your spa. If you are using conduit under deck or concrete pad, this is the area it should terminate. You need to connect the black and white wires to (L1 and L2. The white Load neutral is not required with our spas so you can leave that disconnected. ACC has modified the terminal connections so now you can't hook up a white neutral to the pack. (There were electricians re-wiring the Smart Touch 2000 packs in the past and causing problems). "
  18. With supply chain issues the older parts are not being made and if they are they are the last to be made. You might have to think out of the box and find a different jet that can fit or be made to fit.
  19. Are you in Europe? Have you set the breaker setting to match your power input? It would seem you have the correct LL programming selected.
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