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  1. Hello, according to my thinking the stress and tensions of the life can be reduced through home remedies. But despite of natural solution people go for medicines and therapies. I had also suffered from severe tension few months ago, which badly affected my back and neck. I mostly spend my time sitting in front of PC and playing games. Due to which my back and neck started to pain, then i used a massarger (https://massageandspaclub.com/best-neck-massager/) which helped me out. As per my friends opinion, hot tubs also help in reducing the level of tension so it is better to use any massager or hot tub for reducing your tension. All the best
  2. You must try to use 1.5 cups or less than that to make the water's quality better. And never forget to change the water as quickly as possible after use.
  3. This can be the dirt of the vessel and due to heat sometimes this sort of substance come out from the vessel. You just need to check the alkalinity of the water and try to least chemicals on the spa tub as you can. Thanks
  4. Hello friends, i had worked for 2 years in salon. I roughly remember that they used cropmton and sometimes STUCCU companies spa motors. I am not 100% sure but they were these two companies only.
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