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  1. Hey Guys, I am a Ahhsome user and it is time to clean the tub and do a water change. I plan to super chlorinate using Nitro's recommendation in the decontamination sticky after using the Ahhsome, but was wondering what the downsides are to not draining between the Ahhsome and the super chlorination. I have a 470 gal tub and it's a lot of water to drain and refill. I am sure there is a good reason for the recommendation, just wondering what that reason is. Edit: I found the time to read through all the posts in the Decon thread, and it seems it would be fine, just maybe use more chlorine to kill the lossened gunk that didn't stick to the sides and get wiped off.. Anything else I should consider? BR, Byl
  2. Ok, so I think I answered my own question.. I took my FC ppm, and then added 2 cups of the dollar store bleach, and checked ppm again, and then played with the poolmath bleach % calculator until the correct % made 16oz. Using this method the dollar store bleach bought is about 2.2% sodium hypochlorite.
  3. Hello All, Just a quick question regarding bleach. Clorox says their bleach has at least 6% sodium hypochlorite with a little sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate to help buffer the solution and help maintain the product performance for up to a year. (Read more at https://www.clorox.com/dr-laundry/bleach-101/#E5B4B0RpecGtxkbt.99) My wife bought some dollar store bleach, and it does not have the sodium hypochlorite %. I assume its weaker as it does not seem to be keeping my FC after I add the amount for 6% bleach in PoolMath. With my taylor k-2006 kit, can I determine the sodium hypochlorite %, or would that be a waste of chemicals to try? The simple answer is just buy the Clorox I know, but I am curious... Thanks, Byl
  4. Hi Jrspa, I will try to answer based on the info I have learned here on this forum and my experience... anyone feel free to correct me! It sounds like your TA is high compared to your water CH. So because your TA is higher than necessary, when you aerate, it raises your pH. A TA of 80 is a guideline for starters and will be relative to your water hardness(CH). The higher the hardness, the lower the TA will likely need to be. For instance, on my 450 gal tub, with my CH at 150, my pH is not stable until I drop down to around 55-60ppm TA. Any higher than that, and my pH climbs everytime I use the jets/blower. This is without using borates. Basically I check my CH, check my TA, and then check my pH. If I run the jets/blower for 30 minutes and the pH climbs, I add a little acid and try again, checking only pH. Once my pH stays stable after adding the right amount of acid, I stop and check my TA again and record it. Once I find the sweet spot, my pH seems to stay pretty stable. I have now started using borates in the form of 'ProTeam Gentle Spa'. This is supposed to prevent pH rise from aeration, and make the water feel 'nicer.' Maybe I will be able to have a higher TA and maintain my pH now that I am using 'Gentle Spa'.. Good Luck!
  5. Good Morning, I want to first say thanks for all the great info. I acquired a used tub, and you guys helped me turn this tub into very a positive experience by sharing all of your knowledge and experience. So this is a simple question. I accidentally put too much Gentle Spa into my tub after decontamination and refill. I should have put 1.5 cups, based on my 450 gal tub, but put 2 cups instead. Is there any harm in leaving this, or should I do a partial drain and refill? Thanks! Byl
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