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  1. What's the water in the pool look like? How old is the filter?
  2. What do you mean by water behind the pool liner? Do you mean groundwater coming up under the pool? Have they put liner lock on the liner to help hold it in place?
  3. Are you using any type of lubricant on the tank ring. If you aren't then you need some if you are make sure it's silicone based not petroleum based as petroleum based will cause the gasket to expand
  4. It's a harder job to do then you are thinking it will be. You need to cut out the concrete apron then the stairs are all concreted in underground. Then you are about to find that the stairs might not match up perfectly. 8' stairs are not alway 8' exactly. They could be off by a couple of inches. You won't be able to save the liner. You will never be able to line the stair strips back up with the original holes. Good luck on this venture. I'm guessing you got such high quotes because this job is more difficult then putting in a new pool. What's the exchange rate from Canadian to us? Those steps I would sell for about 2k. Add a liner, fixing deck and labor and you are talking a 15k job in the us so the prices you got aren't unrealistic depending on exchange rate. Are your stairs thermoplastic or fiberglass?
  5. I would put marquis up against any other brand out there. As far as build quality they are second to none. There insulation is top notch as well. I'm in New England as well and have had great luck as a marquis dealer. I find it odd that spasage would say don't buy a jacuzzi because of cost and proprietary parts but says look at dimension one. D-1 is made and owned by jacuzzi so you get the same thing with the D-1 brand.
  6. Why not get a pool that is made to be sunk in the ground like a radiant pool or I believe wilbar makes one? You can backfill with the soil that come out of the ground or get pea stone.
  7. I've used it in my spa for a couple of years and no problems with it. I have about 20-25 customers on it and they love it
  8. I don't know much about Catalina but I would personally put jacuzzi above the bullfrog. If your happy with all three and they are all around the same money I would make my decision based on the dealer. One thing I will say about bullfrog as they have been coming on strong these last couple of years and have made a great number of improvements to their tubs.
  9. Most likely the heater as that's what's the 30 amp breaker controls. Does the heater show any signs of corrosion? @tman-hot springs uses a 2 breaker system one 20 amp and one 30 amp sub panel
  10. That's probably a little cheaper then I thought that tub went for. I'm curious as to another post I saw you make on a different thread that the jacuzzis seemed overpriced. Which models did you look at as they should have a bunch of tubs under 9k
  11. Radiant makes the best ag pool in the market bar none. We picked these up a couple of years ago and we don't sell a ton of them but in my opinion they are well worth the cost
  12. I think the 4 you mentioned are the cream of the crop for the size you are looking at..........The show is a real nice tub! Whichever way you go I don't think you can go wrong. You have 4 solid choices you are looking at
  13. What other choices do you have nearby? It's not a bad spa just not one I would consider high end. The most important aspect is the dealer. A good dealer can make the worst hot tub good and a bad dealer can make a great tub look poor. Check out the dealers reviews, bbb and some references
  14. It wouldn't be my first choice but if the dealer has been carrying them for that long he must have confidence in them as a brand. What other options do you have locally to you? Did you have him open up the side so you can peak inside of it? They aren't very well insulated if your in cold weather. That tub is probably in the 8-9k range, there are a lot of options in that price range. I just competed against them in a home show a couple of weeks ago and the people that cared about quality bought the marquis spas I was selling the people who were just fixated on price bought masters.
  15. Which particular model? From which line? Master makes some real junk but also some ok value tubs. More importantly would be the dealer you are buying from. Have they been selling master for awhile? My personal experience with them as a company is they are real tough to deal with and don't stand behind there warranties
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